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NH Libertarian claims Web site was hacked

This local story seems to be a bit of a smear piece.

Selectman Brendan Kelly has been rounding up signatures for Libertarian candidates in the November elections and apparently gathering unwanted hacker attention on his Web site,

Kelly is chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and is running on the party ticket for state representative in November. His Web site links viewers to pages such as “USA The Republic,” “Libertarian Party” and “Freedom to Facism.”

A click on the “Freedom to Facism” link brings up with links to “hot videos” and pornographic sites. Contacted Tuesday, May 13, Kelly said he was unaware of the links but assured they were there unintentionally.

“Freedom to Facism” is supposed to lead viewers to a movie, said Kelly, indicating someone had hacked into the site. “They obviously changed the content,” he said. “I haven’t looked at it since I set it up.”

Kelly said that was years ago and he would be calling the person he employed to set up the Web site to remove the unwanted material.

Another link is more insidious. A click on “USA the Republic” gives a list of categories such as the U.S. Constitution and Emergency Powers. Scrolling down is the category “Secret Societies.” One click leads to a flow chart titled, “Jewish (Canaanite) Power Structure,” which includes Mormons, Freemasons and witches. Kelly said this link is also a mistake and something he would never post on the site designed to promote Libertarian ideals and his candidacy.

“I am a firm believer in trying to restore the Republic,” Kelly said, which he added means less government. “This country is based on states having full control.”

Kelly collected signatures on Tuesday at Newmarket’s town election to get Libertarians Susan Newell and Ken Blevens on the ballot for governor and senator, respectively.

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