Rieske: CP ‘going nowhere slowly’

Max Rieske was interview by Miller Politics recently,

“I was extremely disappointed with my experience with and at the national Constitution Party convention in KS City; For one thing, Chuck Baldwin & Howard Phillips choice for Vice President was a lackluster lawyer who never ran for political office before and has absolutely no desire to build the parties base up or have the party ever win any office.”

Rieske says he may run as a Libertarian in Michigan.

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8 thoughts on “Rieske: CP ‘going nowhere slowly’

  1. G.E.

    This guy’s from Michigan? The good news (for him) is that our LP does not have high standards.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    I get the impression Rieske thought he was actually capable of winning this.
    He really just seems to be a sore loser.

    He did hit one thing on the head, Howard Phillips definetly tried to assert control of the party. But out of the 9 initiatives/measures at the National Convention, Howard lost quite a few. The party is going through growing pains–and its a good thing.

    As for Rieske, he leaves after seeing one attempt at strong-armed leadership–rather than sticking around to fight it? Wuss.

  3. G.E.

    By the way: If you’re going to be “going nowhere,” better to do it slowly than fast.

  4. RedPhillips

    The CP has no use for public schools? Well, yeah.

    The CP has no use for Social Security? Well, yeah.

    The CP didn’t talk enough about ending the War and foreign policy? What convention did he attend? Why does he think Keyes got defeated?

    What did he think the Party supported?

    I don’t understand the bitterness towards Chuck Baldwin though? What on earth did Chuck Baldwin do to him?

  5. Fred Church Ortiz

    Red: I seem to recall some harsh words from Rieske for Ron Paul and his supporters in a debate earlier in the year.

    But that info would be on a website I don’t go to anymore, so can’t say for sure.

  6. Jerry S.

    Sounds like sour-grapes to me.
    The CP/USTP/AIP stands to collect their highest vote total ever for POTUS. However that all depends on ballot access. Volunteers are coming, who is in charge of BA, national or each state ? NY, IL, PA, OH, NJ, GA, MA, VA, MY, IN, MN & WI are very important and need to be goals this spring and early summer. GA deadline is July 8, the rest come regularly after then.

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