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Rumor ended: Tucker Carlson won’t run

Jake Trapper, over at the ABC news blog, has the newest scoop on his friend Tucker Carlson and the Libertarian Party nomination.

In any case, Carlson tells me that he ultimately decided not to run.

He’s with his family in Maine rather than in Denver with the Marijuana Policy Project and the like.

“I probably should have done it,” Tucker emails me. “Imagine the bus trip.”

Full article here.

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Trent Hill


  1. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy May 23, 2008

    Would have made for some interesting C-SPAN. Oh well.

    Rumors I’m hearing from the floor suggest that Barr has this thing almost locked up.

  2. Jerry S. Jerry S. May 23, 2008

    Truth is the LP always goes away from what would probably be the best thing for the Party. In “88 they reject the native american, In ’92 they reject the african american, now in ’08 they can reject female america (again) and nominate the WHITE MAN. Just show again the LP is always like the Republicans. We offer the U.S. a white guy in a dark suit as usual we are no more than Republican LITE…

    As usual, disappointment and failure awaits…

  3. MattSwartz MattSwartz May 23, 2008

    If that last comment is any indication, the only way to distinguish one’s party from the GOP is to start judging candidates not as individuals but on their race or gender.


  4. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | May 23, 2008

    I hope the rumor that Barr has it wrapped is not true. I think the platform fight will indicate who’s going to win. If the Radicals win and Restore the ’04 platform,then Mary Ruwart or Steve Kubby will take the nomination.
    If they lose, I think its likely Barr or Root will win.

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