Max Riekse for VP?

Max Riekse, who ran for (and lost) the presidential and vice-presidential nominations of the Constitution Party, has now decided to join the New American Independent Party and has been selected as one of that party’s regional vice-presidential candidates. Riekse, as we reported here, was highly critical of the Constitution Party after failing to attain either the presidential or vice-presidential nominations. Riekse joins six other regional vice-presidential candidates in the NAIP and hopes to be placed on the ballot in Illinois and Michigan — neither of which does the NAIP have ballot access in. Mr. Riekse will be supporting Frank McEnulty, the NAIP’s presidential candidate.

2 thoughts on “Max Riekse for VP?

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    Not to my knowledge–although it certainly wouldn’t be hard to get on a few. Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, etc.

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