MSU newspaper skeptical about McKinney’s chances

Michigan State University’s State News has a story about Green candidate Cynthia McKinney’s bid for the White House, under the pessimistic headline “Green Party Experiences Less Popularity With Recent Elections.” The story says the “nation’s most prominent third party” has nominated the ex-congresswoman, “but it remains to be seen if she will receive enough support to qualify for federal campaign funding.”

MSU history professor Kenneth Waltzer said, “There is a diminished interest in such third parties by people who know that elections count and elections have been close recently. The Green Party is going to play a very limited role in the election.” (It is unclear why the newspaper turned to Waltzer for comment, since his specialty is Jewish Studies, not political science.)

15 thoughts on “MSU newspaper skeptical about McKinney’s chances

  1. Nexus

    I predict a record low vote total for the Greens. Nader will outdo them everywhere.

  2. Mike Gillis

    I agree on the Nader point, but I don’t think it’ll be a record low.

    I think she’ll still top the abbysmal vote totals of David Cobb, but he near total avoidance of media, unless it seeks her out, will cost her alot.

    I predict she’ll pull maybe 150,000-200,000 votes.

  3. Sivarticus

    I agree with Nexus. She’s a former Congresswoman, but one who was axed twice for being too radical. Her VP is an inexperienced rapper, which shows the Greens aren’t even trying to make this appear as a serious ticket. And two far left black women? What were they thinking? That will only win votes from the most fervent black nationalists, as blacks will be voting for Obama in record numbers.

    Honestly, I will be surprised if the Greens are still enough of a force in 2012 to be anything more serious than the hodgepodge of Marxist sects who always run weird no name candidates and garner a couple thousands votes.

  4. donald raymond lake

    Yep, add me to the ‘dog pile’…..

    [What were they thinking?]

  5. Fred Church Ortiz

    I do miss those carefree days of rapping candidates.

    Forgive me Imperato, I did not know it could be worse…

  6. Mike Theodore

    Some advice, folks. If your lookin’ to rap, open up some Shakespeare. Ever rap Romeo & Juliet? Julius Ceasar? Hamlet?
    That’ll draw crowds, trust me.

  7. G.E.

    At least Snoop would be 100% fully against the Drug War! I think Dr. Dre is a neocon though (for real).

  8. Deran

    I got an email from the Nader/Gonzalez campaign, they’ll be near the $2 mil mark soon for this campaign. Very impressive.

    Although, the actual reasons for Nader running again seem some what dubious?

  9. Steven R Linnabary

    It could be that the Greens are trying to break out of their lily-white rut. It makes no sense to proclaim themselves as the party of diversity when their meetings and candidates are always white.

    Indeed, the Green meetings I’ve been to have looked like LP meetings. All white and middle class. Not that there is anyhting wrong with that.

    But they MIGHT be looking to the future. And when the Obama regime falls flat on it’s face, Black America and liberals in general might be looking for an alternative.

    And Nader, polls show he is taking votes away from McCain of all people. These voters might be democrats that can’t stomach the thought of voting for a black man for President. I think Hillary referred to them as “hard working white Americans”.

    Regardless, my feeling is that McKinney will best Baldwin in November.


  10. paulie cannoli

    GPUS was mostly white but not as bad as LP in that regard.

    GP is certainly more credible than SP, Prohibition, etc: on in way more states, more candidates, more Greens in office, etc.

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