Barr didn’t want to be on stage ‘with people like McKinney’

So says LP spokesman and recent college grad Andrew Davis.

“Barr is not a minor party candidate,” Davis says. “Barr is a major player this year.”

See Last Free Voice for more.

45 thoughts on “Barr didn’t want to be on stage ‘with people like McKinney’

  1. G.E. Post author

    He’ll share the stage with AL GORE, but not McKinney?

    He’ll heap praise on arch-racist Jesse Helms, but eschew McKinney?

    Barr is a racist elitist and Andrew Davis and the whole Gang are positively delusional. “Major player” WTF-ever.

    I hereby declare that I will not vote for ANY Michigan Libertarian who doesn’t publicly disavow Bob Barr and state a claim to vote for someone else or no one at all for president.

  2. G.E. Post author

    Yes, sharing the stage with an uppity Negress like McKinney would make it difficult for Barr to regain his seat within the evil fascist GOP elite.

  3. Fred Church Ortiz

    I hereby declare that I will not vote for ANY Michigan Libertarian who doesn’t publicly disavow Bob Barr and state a claim to vote for someone else or no one at all for president.

    What’s Scotty Boman doing?

  4. G.E. Post author

    I’m not at liberty to say, but I’m going to ask every Libertarian on my ballot if they’re willing to publicly state their intent to vote for someone other than Barr, and if not, I won’t vote for them.

  5. JSJones

    I don’t blame him. McKinney is a wacko. As I said in another topic, forget Barr, vote for the Libertarian Party. Let’s pick our battles in between elections, not during. This not the vote for Barr, it’s the vote for LP viability. Please think about this folks!

  6. G.E. Post author

    McKinney and Nader were Ron Paul’s friends BEFORE this campaign.

    Bob Barr hangs out with Al Gore and heaps praise on racists like Jesse Helms.

    McKinney is a hero!

  7. Fred Church Ortiz

    McKinney and Nader were Ron Paul’s friends BEFORE this campaign.

    I think Barr was too, but maybe not after today.

  8. G.E. Post author

    It wasn’t pertinent, moron.

    The guy said Paul shouldn’t have wanted to share a stage with McKinney.

    But Barr engages in mutual handjobbery with Global Governmental Fascist Al Gore?

    Cynthia McKinney is a heroic figure.

  9. G.E. Post author

    I doubt that. Since there’s nothing that could be done to “curb” a problem that doesn’t exist. She could try, I guess. But at least she stands against the evil Establishment in heroic fashion. I have respect for all radicals who stand against the machine.

  10. darolew

    Great Barr, the ‘elitist asshole’ image really fits the Libertarian Party. Or maybe Barr’s ego simply couldn’t fit inside the room. Perhaps, blinded by arrogance, Barr couldn’t find the press conference.

    Ugh. So stupid.

  11. Sivarticus

    I can understand his disdain for crazy McKinney. But, he screwed Ron Paul bad. Even I would share a stage with McKinney if it means helping the cause directed by a real man of integrity. Barr is just making excuses now though, that much is obvious. He didn’t show up because this is about much more than Cynthia McKinney.

  12. Thomas L. Knapp

    A couple of years ago, Freedom Democrats did a survey of Congress to see who voted with Ron Paul on key civil liberties issues the most.

    Of the 23 members of the GOP “Liberty Study Committee” in the US House of Representatives, not a single one voted with Paul more than 60% of the time on those issues. Cynthia McKinney and Barney Frank? 80%.

    I believe the survey was taken after Barr had left Congress, but anyone who thinks he voted with Paul 80%, or even 60%, of the time is on crack.

  13. sunshinebatman

    McKinney went after Barr hard 10 yrs ago back when she was defending Clinton’s criminality. They were in talk in to kiss and made up earlier this yr tho.

    What this is really about it seems, is that BARR08 didn’t want to be lumped in with the other three candidates in Dr Paul’s pity party. The Barr campaign is still trying to position itself to somehow get into the McBama debates. This non-announcement press event forced their hand before the debates and it got messy today.

    What would have been really cool was that if this a real announcement and Paul/C4L was putting their money where their mouth is and buying television network infomercial prime time Perot-style to host the four candidates in a debate. (Press Club rental today was probably about $600.)

    (Of course if that was always C4L’s secret plan, BARR08 has fucked itself even more than presently believed.)

  14. G.E. Post author

    Unfortunately you will not be on my ballot, VTV. I would have proudly cast my vote for you as a man of integrity and principle even where we disagree.

  15. sunshinebatman

    Knapp – were you smoking crack in the 1990s? Barr was the leader of a bipartisan civil-liberties caucus that killed tons of police-state proposals sent by the Justice Department. It was part of what distinguished him as a legislator, and it was in that capacity that Barr helped shepherd through the only succesful piece of legislation from Paul since he returned to congress in the 1990s.

  16. sunshinebatman

    Ignore the paranoid conspiracist nutbag who lies and slanders when he has no coherent argument. He is backing the candidate of General Electric.

  17. donald raymond lake

    GE, ‘paper’ candidate or ‘stealth’ campaigner.

    They are all over da place in SoCal. Especially in Lib and OC Register hot spot, Orange County.

    Hey, their name and party affiliation are right there on the ballot on election day. [How many undecided folks attend political rallies and forums any way……]

  18. darolew

    Some of what Barr did in Congress was admirable. A lot of it wasn’t. The same can be said for many congressmen.

    Doesn’t mean crap.

  19. sunshinebatman

    Your initial statement is correct as far as it goes, daro. But you ignore the question of where one chooses to spend political capital in busting the party line and if one actually makes a difference in doing so.

    Regardless, on the specific issue raised here, Knapp was simply incorrect. Barr was in fact a successful leader on those issues, not an opponent. Barr actually accomplished more legislatively to protect the Bill of Rights than Ron Paul or any other Congressman in the past 20 years.

  20. G.E. Post author

    How much are they wasting on paying you, sunshine? The guy who voted for the PATRIOT ACT “protected” the Bill of Rights? SURE!

  21. sunshinebatman

    Everyone who was actually involved in fighting the PATRIOT Act at the time knows that Barr was key in gutting it on the House side.

    Of course, you weren’t involved in fighting the PATRIOT Act at all, were you? You were probably still pissing your pants about Ay-rabs and anthrax.

  22. Lance Brown

    If it’s true that Barr negotiated the sunshine clause into the “USA-PATRIOT” Act in exchange for voting for it, it could definitely be argued that he did more to protect the Bill of Rights than Paul and his “no” voted, which did absolutely nothing to protect the Bill of Rights.

    I would have voted against USA-PA, but I would have had a hard time arguing that I was protecting the Bill of Rights by doing it.

    The truth is that all of Dr. No’s “no”s, collectively, haven’t done much of anything for the country either way. He’s a U.S. Congressman. They are virtually powerless by themselves, unless they play the party game.

  23. johncjackson

    Barr, who served in the U.S. House as a Republican from Cobb County, was scheduled to be there, too, but changed his mind.

    “Bob had a press conference right after that one,” said campaign spokesman Andrew Davis. “He didn’t want to dilute his message by being on the same stage as people like Cynthia McKinney, who is completely opposite of what a Libertarian is.”

    Green Party spokesman Scott McLarty called Barr’s statement “a disappointment.”

    “The Green Party has been in alliance with the Libertarian Party on many issues, including election integrity and ballot access fairness,” McLarty said, adding that Barr “seemed petty and hostile to Cynthia McKinney in particular and the Green Party in general. They all disagree on a number of issues, no doubt about it. But it was the agreement that was important and Bob Barr brushed that aside.”

  24. sunshinebatman

    Lance — Barr (with the help of others, such as Conyers) had actually gutted it alot more than just the handful of the sunshine clauses. The House version was much much better going into conference.

    Whoever mailed anthrax to Sens. Leahy and Daschle didn’t anticipate that the Republican House would fight PATRIOT harder than the Democrat Senate.

    Hastert at the last minute threw everything Barr and the House did out the window and forced a vote on the Senate version. And so it goes.

  25. Spence

    Please, you fools. The term is sunset. Normally this wouldn’t bother me so much, but when you say sunshine, it sounds exactly like the opposite of what a sunset clause is. That is..sunshine! Hey, it’s just starting instead of TERMINATING!

    And while I do agree that practically speaking, Barr did more than Paul’s no vote did on the matter, that isn’t the issue at hand.

    Once again, this “psychological” message that Barr is trying to send (I don’t remember who is the person that said this first in reference to the kid’s table debate) is butch. He missed another opportunity, but as I suspect, it’s just in efforts to raise his credibility with the GOP in the future.

    If the election were held today, I would write in NOTA.

  26. sunshinebatman

    (OT: In politics and legislation “sunshine” usually refers to openess and transparency, increased reporting requirements, etc.)

  27. Steve LaBianca

    Given that the focus of Ron Paul’s press conference was the monopoly of the major parties, and the agreements which WAS hashed out amongst the “minor” party candidates, the Barr campaign, and the LP staff is blowing smoke with “Bob, who is a major player in this election, (doesn’t) want to be on stage with people like McKinney, who stands against everything the LP does . . .” .

    Barr didn’t want to be on stage with LP candidates either!

    I don’t blame the LP staff for saying what they have said, but this is a major blunder by the Barr campaign, from the perspective of moving the political debate so that the two party charade is exposed, and no amount of damage control from the LP staff can cover that up.

    This is sort of like saying that Barr won’t debate other third party candidates. Barr is a major player ?. ? .? . in your dreams Davis!

  28. Steve LaBianca

    Spence // Sep 10, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    (Barr) missed another opportunity, but as I suspect, it’s just in efforts to raise his credibility with the GOP in the future.

    Hurrah, someone who sees what I see, and is willing to say what they see!

  29. sunshinebatman

    Barr has pretty well burned most of his GOP bridges, but we’ll see. While Viguerie and Dondero may have gone back already, I don’t think it will happen with Barr any time soon. It took Paul eight years to go back to the GOP.

  30. libertyforone

    Barr has done nothing but bad mouth Ron Paul and then he snubs him at the news conference, meanwhile he is begging him to get on his ticket so he has a chance in hel!.

    Sorry Barr. You should read a little Austrian Economics before rushing to endorse things like the fair tax that will destroy the poor, put the middle class in the poor house, and end our economy. (Would you buy a Toyota from here with an additional 32% tax or go buy it in Canada? How about toothpaste? Internet buying would increase by millions of percentage points.)

    I am a big L libertarian and therefore I cannot vote for Barr. He is not a libertarian. He is a statist through and through who is trying to sell himself as a libertarian because he saw Paul do so well with it. The difference is Paul has consistently voted libertarian while Barr only does so if he thinks it will get him votes.

    If you want change in this country, change the way you vote. Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

    I will be writing in Ron Paul. He is the only man to vote FOR. I don’t vote against people, because then I vote for some slime ball. I like Ron Paul. I think he can be a great President. Therefore, I will vote for him. Imagine if we all did so? They might actually have to count the write ins.

    Barr is clearly playing some kind of political game. He is a fool. I am a smart libertarian. I don’t vote for fools.

  31. libertyforone

    To Lance Brown:

    You are misguided. Voting for slavery so you can have a say as to where slaves can be sold does not get you points. Voting for the Patriot Act so you can supposedly get some power to put in a sunset clause only got another vote for the Patriot Act. Do you see a sunset clause in that Act? No, of course not. Deals with the devil don’t come true.

    Ron Paul’s consistent NO in Congress may not seem to mean much to you, but it has done a lot for this country. Millions supported Ron Paul when they heard the news. Millions more would have supported him if they knew the facts too. I talked to a lot of people and all of them were Ron Paul fans when they heard all he had done. All of them.

    If you consistently sell out your soul in order to “get something” you end up soulless. I am thrilled we have ONE patriot in Congress. He gives me hope and that is a lot.

  32. Mike Gillis

    The proper way to deal with a piece of disgusting and unconstitutional legislation is to amend it to make it as toothless as possible….

    ….and then to vote against it.

  33. Spence

    “Hurrah, someone who sees what I see, and is willing to say what they see!”

    Steve, I’m slowly becoming more and more convinced that there is no future in the LP. The party is either doomed by radical insolence or by the people who’ve Barrjacked the NC.

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