Bloomberg backs out on VA Indy Greens; Pickens invited to join ticket

The Virginia Independent Green Party made a splash last month when they announced they intended to run a presidential ticket of Michael Bloomberg and Ron Paul. Richard Winger, the foremost expert on third parties and ballot access in America, stated his belief that the Virginia Indy Greens would ultimately nominate the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle. Well now, after Bloomberg changed his mind and bailed on the ticket this past Thursday, the Indy Greens have asked oil baron, wind-power lobbyist, and Swift Boat financier T. Boone Pickens to run for president under their banner. Is this just another publicity stunt, or will the Indy Greens really go forward with an alternative ticket?

15 thoughts on “Bloomberg backs out on VA Indy Greens; Pickens invited to join ticket

  1. G.E. Post author

    How about Milnes/Orvetti? I know it’s your goal to be VP, and if you only had a sex change, you’d be Milnes’s dream running mate.

  2. G.E. Post author

    T. Boone Pickens is about as socialist as Milnes.

    My local LP has an average age of 95+. This old WWI vet turns to me at the last meeting and says, “You know who I’d vote for for president? T. Boone Pickens!”

    His wife likes Obama, except for he’s Muslim.

  3. Fred Church Ortiz

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    I’m sure they’ll end up running somebody

  4. G.E. Post author

    But at least Milnes’s delusional energy socialist plots aren’t designed merely to line his own pockets. For that, he has the great electoral strategy he’s willing to turn over to a better candidate, so long as he’s kept on as a paid consultant.

  5. G.E. Post author

    Fred – What I meant by “alternative” ticket was a ticket other than Baldwin/Castle, McKinney/Clemente, etc., i.e. not a crazy ticket of people who’ve never met and/or don’t like each other or agree on anything.

  6. Fred Church Ortiz

    Ah, that’s probably too much to ask for.

    They could just keep their old promise and the big-draw at the same time and nominate RP/Baldwin in either order, since it seems Paul doesn’t mind being listed on the top slot.

  7. Trent Hill

    Paul/Goldwater could be a really cool ticket. =)

    Wouldnt be incredible to have Goldwater jr. in Louisiana campaigning for the ticket their and Michael Peroutka in Montana campaigning for that ticket their?

  8. Fred Church Ortiz

    That would be cool. Did I read correctly that Gary Johnson was willing to go on ballot too? That’d round things off nicely, maybe you should forward the suggestion on to the IGP.

  9. Trent Hill

    Gary Johnson is willing to be on the ballot, yes.

    But, Im not going to email the IGP about it. They made a deal with the Baldwin campaign and they should hold to it. The only acceptable substitution to that would be Baldwin/Paul.

  10. G.E. Post author

    Yeah, and the Michigan BTP, which was sending out a flurry of press releases, has been silent. They only needed to find 17 electors to give Charles Jay write-in status. The deadline was Friday.

  11. darolew

    “Paul/Goldwater could be a really cool ticket. =)”

    IAWTC. I’d vote for that over meh candidates like Barr and Baldwin.

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