Gordon Clark, MD 8th Dist. on Green Party Watch Radio

Gordon Clark will be the guest on a special edition of Green Party Watch Radio at 8 PM East Coast time, Sunday, September 7th. Those who want to do so can call in live by dialing (646) 478-3778. Clark is focusing his Maryland 8th District seat on Stopping Global Warming, Ending the War in Iraq, Building the Green Economy and Guaranteed Universal Healthcare.

Taking advantage of social networking sites, Clark has a FaceBook account, a MySpace account, maintains a blog at WordPress.com, a personal blog for Clark also at WordPress, and even has a way for supporters to buy a tee shirt via Zazzle.com. A group of Greens calling themselves New Menu offers information about Clark at their site, and the campaign has set up a low intensity Yahoo! Group.

The Clark campaign has even set up some virtual real estate over at YouTube.

News Rack Blog reports on Clark and impeachment, plans for a blockaide of Iran and much more. PolitickerMD has a series of articles about Clark’s run, and Shared Sacrifice. He has also been on Radio Resistance.

Financian reports apparently indicate that, after taking out the candidate contributions, the Clark campaign is one of the best funded third party efforts.

He’s gotten coverage at Deep Journal as well.

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