Movement afoot to remove Barr/Root from LP ticket

Behind the scenes, there is pressure being exerted on LNC members to bring forth a motion to “un-endorse” Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root, and either replace them with alternative candidates, or leave the ticket empty. It is said by advocates that this is the only way the Libertarian Party’s brand can be salvaged after Bob Barr’s no-show at yesterday’s Campaign for Liberty event and the subsequent fall-out.

On a more grassroots level, an activist has started a petition for Libertarians to state their support for the removal of Barr to be replaced with someone other than Root.

Below is the text of the petition:

We, the supporters of freedom and liberty hereby petition you to immediately remove Bob Barr as the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States. Furthermore, we request that he not be replaced by the current vice presidential nominee Wayne Allen Root, but by another, less divisive candidate.

This request is not made lightly, but with much seriousness. The actions, track record, and history of Bob Barr has divided libertarians and other liberty leaning individuals across the nation.

WHEREAS the primary goal and purpose of the Libertarian Party is and has always been not conservatism but liberty,

WHEREAS Robert Barr has, not only refused to participate in the 10 September 2008 press conference of Rep. Ronald Paul of Texas and the Campaign for Liberty but has deliberately sabotaged this event with a false RSVP,

WHEREAS Robert Barr’s campaign has simultaneously called for Rep. Ronald Paul of Texas to be its vice presidential candidate and called him a thief, demonstrating either gross incompetence or a deliberate attempt to undermine the drive for liberty,

WHEREAS refusal to participate in a promising avenue for the enlargement of the party and the advancement of the cause of liberty is not in the best interests of the Libertarian Party, and

WHEREAS the Libertarian Party was not founded and does not exist for the aggrandizement of Robert Barr,

WE THE UNDERSIGNED hereby affirm that we are registered voters in the several United States of America, and do petition Robert Barr to step down from his position as candidate of the Libertarian Party for President of the United States; we do petition the Libertarian Party to renounce its support of Robert Barr’s candidacy for the office of President of the United States; or both.

31 thoughts on “Movement afoot to remove Barr/Root from LP ticket

  1. G.E. Post author

    I don’t know what it would really mean. I don’t think it is legally possible for anything to be done in Michigan — maybe there is. But this could largely be symbolic and VERY necessary.

    Trent, does a part of you want Barr/Root to continue damaging the LP brand? It’s better for the CP and your “anti-war” GOP wing… Just asking!

  2. Trent Hill

    No, I dont. The LP is full of good people working in favor of liberty, and I respect many of them/you–even if I disagree on minor (or even major) issues.

    With that said, if the LP implodes, the CP and anti-war wing of the GOP will stand to gain from that.

  3. JackTanner

    Since Bob Barr was elected as the Libertarian candidate for President, his campaign provided more positive comments and interviews in the news media, about the Libertarian Party, than all the previous Libertarian candidates.

    Continue the Revolution, wave and place President BARR signs.

    We get positive response in our area with
    President BARR wave and yard signs (80 cents)

  4. Jason_Gatties

    Jack, being a party member for 8 years, I’m very insulted by your assertion that Bob Barr has done more for our party than any previous candidate.

    I’m a candidate for a College Board of Trustees in November and guess what? Barr’s latest actions have cost me volunteers and most likely, future donors.

    Thanks Bob….

    As a LIBERTARIAN candidate, I signed that petition and I hope that someone on the LNC has the sack to bring up a motion to remove Barr/Root from the ticket.

    In the mean time, I’m either going to vote for Baldwin or Nader in Michigan this November and play damage control with pissed off activists who have shown interest in the LP prior to Barr’s recent debacle.

  5. G.E. Post author

    I resigned my vice-chairmanship of my local LP because the chairman is an unrepentant Barr-barian and I will not work with him.

    Feels good!

  6. G.E. Post author

    A failure to act on this by the LNC is a betrayal of down-ballot Libertarians who are being hurt by this.

    We need a motion, a second, and a vote. Then we need to re-elect those who vote YES, and kick out the bums who vote NO.

  7. citizen1

    This is what the LP gets for being the party of principle. That principle being get the most votes at any cost. There are those in my state LP I respect but the party as a whole I do not.

  8. Ross Levin

    This is ridiculous. The LP needs to deal with the choices it made, keep its ballot access, and wait until 2010 (which is really more important than 2012, or at least it should be to the LP).

  9. G.E. Post author

    Says the outsider who doesn’t have to deal with the implications of the Barr/Root ticket being allowed to stand.

  10. VTV

    I don’t agree. The money used for ballot access belongs to the membership of the Libertarian party as a whole. Barr does not poll to have the majority of our party behind him. All his nomination proves is that he had a majority of delegates who were able to afford to get to Denver and vote. If he is grossly acting against our parties principles he should absolutely be removed.

  11. Ross Levin

    I am an outsider, but in my opinion I still think it’s better to leave Barr on. The ballot access issues would be a nightmare, plus it is better to stay united as a party than to split in two over kicking Barr off or leaving him on. But, like I said, I’m an outsider.

  12. Mike Gillis

    Even if you fail to toss him off ballots, the LP making a public statement that they’re disavowing Barr would get A LOT of press.

  13. G.E. Post author

    If the LNC doesn’t even contain two members willing to make this fight, then clearly, it is completely hopeless to continue on within the LP.

  14. Tim in Ohio

    Ruwart? Keaton? I’m not familiar enough with the LNC to even know who MIGHT be sympathetic.

  15. VTV

    Jingozian could probably be persuaded. I have strong ties with Mike Gravel and the two were good friends, if Jingozian is not willing on his own I might be able to talk to Mike about it.

  16. Trent Hill

    Mary Ruwart, Lee Wrights, and Angela Keaton are the most likely to vote for such a motion. It’ll be easily killed though.

  17. Galileo Galilei

    “I resigned my vice-chairmanship of my local LP because the chairman is an unrepentant Barr-barian and I will not work with him.”


    That’s an interesting comment. The word ‘barbarian’ comes from the ancient Summerian word ‘bar-bar’, which means ‘foreigner’.

    Bob Barr seems foreign to the Libertarian philosophy.

  18. G.E. Post author

    Trent – Mary’s in a difficult positions since her making the motion would be perceived as sour grapes. Lee, too, as her campaign manager. And after the hell the LNC thugs dragged Angela Keaton through, no one has any right to ask anything of her, so she gets a pass. No, it will have to be someone else heroically stepping to the plate. I’m confident that someone will.

  19. Thomas L. Knapp

    Quoth GE:

    “If the LNC doesn’t even contain two members willing to make this fight, then clearly, it is completely hopeless to continue on within the LP.”


    Motions to remove/replace Barr/Root might fail for reasons other than their facial merits (i.e. “too late to substitute on ballots,” etc.), but the test of whether or not the LNC is serious about acting as the board of a political party is whether or not two people are willing to move/second motions to protect that party’s interests, and whether the majority is prepared to openly discuss/debate, and take a roll call vote on, those motions.

  20. darolew

    “I’m confident that someone will.”

    Any particular reason for that? (It doesn’t seem likely to me…)

  21. Hugh Jass

    Just a thought, but it might be better for the radical wing of the party that Barr stays on the ballot. If we were to replace Barr with a radical, then they would have to reap the mess in the voting booth that Barr has sewn. I think that Barr should have to reap what he has sewn.

  22. G.E. Post author

    The movement to remove Barr/Root has died. The one LNC member who expressed a willingness to represent his/her constituents and force this vote has backed out.

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