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In an article entitled “Spoiler Alert: Independents may Rock the Races,”‘s Josh Kraushaar wrote about a range of relatively popular independent or third party candidates and their potential impact on the upcoming election. David Krikorian, an independent running for Congress in Ohio’s 2nd district, was the focus of the article. It said that “of all the candidates, Krikorian can make the most credible argument for how he could actually win.”

Other candidates mentioned in the article include Dean Barkley, Chris Cole, Don Eckhart, and Michael Jackson:

In an August poll conducted by SurveyUSA, Eckhart received 7 percent of the vote — a share that would likely dwarf the winning candidate’s margin of victory. He also was the first candidate to air an advertisement in the race, going up with a radio spot.

In the North Carolina Senate race between Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole and Democrat Kay Hagan, Libertarian candidate Chris Cole has been polling between 6 percent and 7 percent and could take away votes from the embattled incumbent.

In Louisiana, a Democrat-turned-independent state legislator, Michael Jackson, threatens to take away enough of the vote from Democratic Rep. Don Cazayoux to tip the race to Republican Bill Cassidy.

Prior to the May 3 special election , Jackson, who is African-American, took 43 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary against Cazayoux, and Jackson is expected to win over some of the African-American voters who supported Cazayoux.

And the last-minute entry of Dean Barkley into the Minnesota Senate race is the X-factor in the campaign between Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken. Barkley has been gaining momentum as the two leading candidates have sparred with each other on the airwaves in recent weeks. A new poll from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune showed Barkley winning 13 percent of the vote. Barkley served in the Senate for several months as then-Gov. Jesse Ventura’s pick to fill the remainder of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone’s term.

“In so many of these close races, it’s not going to take a Jesse Ventura-like candidate to make a difference,” said Tim Sahd, editor of House Race Hotline, which monitors congressional campaigns. “An independent that pulls 2 or 3 percent from one side or the other could make the difference between winning or losing.”

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  1. changeit changeit September 27, 2008

    Funny man Franken has been pretty good at avoiding the tough questions. Like, why he didn’t feel like he had to pay income taxes when everyone else has to.

    Just look at this clip. . .

    I guess Franken thinks taxes are a joke! Well, I don’t think tax evasion is funny.

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