Scotty Boman on Ron Paul Endorsing Chuck Baldwin

From the Miller Politics interview with Scotty Boman, the 2008 Libertarian candidate for Michigan US Senate.

Question: You say you are “running to further the Ron Paul/Libertarian ideals of Peace, Liberty, and Prosperity.” Recently the Libertarian presidential candidate, Bob Barr, has had a falling out with Rep. Paul and Paul has now endorsed Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party for President. What is your response to Paul’s endorsement of Baldwin over Barr?

Answer: My reflex reaction to this question was “No comment.”

I am a Libertarian Party candidate who has been a Ron Paul supporter since 1988. I am also a Libertarian candidate for United States Senate that has earned the support of many Chuck Baldwin supporters. So any answer I give could cost me supporters.

Nonetheless, I must comment; I didn’t get into politics to play it safe and avoid offending people. That’s what mainstream Democrats and Republicans do; stand for nothing to attract supporters who fall for anything.

I got into politics to support what I believe is the right kind of government, and to give people who share my political beliefs, a chance to vote their conscience. At the core of my philosophy of government, is the recognition that the initiation of force is a fundamental social evil born of irrationality. By “initiation of force” I am referring to acts and threats of violence or fraud that exceed what is necessary to protect oneself from the same.

The political application of this principal is to support laws and policies that maximize individual liberty, and minimize the victimization of people. The greatest potential victimizer is the government. To the extent that government is necessary, it must therefore be restrained. This is the libertarian philosophy.

The libertarian ideal of minimal government provides the best model for a prosperous, free, society: A community wherein people of different cultures, and diverse faiths can coexist. This way, even people who have irreconcilably different theologies, and personal moralities can live next door without the fear of sectarian violence.

On the Federal level, adherence to the Constitution with its Bill of Rights is essential to move in the direction of a free society. Without it I am not a candidate, and Ron Paul is not a Congressman.

I have been a Ron Paul supporter because his message is libertarian; Ron Paul being the messenger, is not the reason I support the message. Now he has endorsed a candidate who has previously endorsed him. Chuck Baldwin’s positions on most Federal issues are the same as those of Ron Paul, the Libertarian Party platform, and myself. Previously Dr. Paul refrained from endorsing any presidential candidate, in part due to his close relationship with the Libertarian Party. In fact, earlier that day Tom Lizardo told me Ron Paul would not endorse ANY candidate who was running against a nominated Republican. According to Paul’s blog, Bob Barr’s Snub tipped the scales. I understand the Congressman’s choice, but I will chose differently.

My November 4th vote only matters because it will be an expression of my beliefs. It will not plausibly choose the next president. By voting Libertarian, I won’t just be choosing a single candidate; I will be voting for the policies of minimal government. I will be voting for the Libertarian Parties Statement of Principles. I will be voting for the fine individuals (myself included) that were nominated to be presidential electors by the Libertarian Party of Michigan.

While our views on Federalism are very close, there are important difference between the Constitution Party (Taxpayers Party in Michigan), and Libertarian Party on the State level. Libertarians support maximizing individual liberty, at all jurisdictional levels: Federal, state, and local. As a federal candidate, I recognize and agree with the tenth amendment limits on the federal government. As a Libertarian, I would support less government intrusion at the state and local level.

In this age of tyranny it is vital that people of all faiths and backgrounds work together for their mutual liberty. The libertarian platform is one that supports religious freedom for all faiths. We wish to keep the tentacles of the state out of your church, temple or mosque.

22 thoughts on “Scotty Boman on Ron Paul Endorsing Chuck Baldwin

  1. darren

    Well said. Paul has been a vehicle for the message, but for those who want to support the Libertarian message in November the Libertarian ticket is the best way, regardless of how you may feel about the particular nominee.

    Look back historically: does anyone care or know what the differences were between Bergland, Clarke, Browne, Marrou, Paul, or Badnarik? We look at the vote totals as a yardstick of support for Libertarianism, not the individual nominees.

  2. G.E.

    This vote will be seen as affirmation of the direction the LP has taken.

    I’m very disappointed with Scotty’s decision to publicly declare his intent to vote for Barr.

  3. darolew

    “I’m very disappointed with Scotty’s decision to publicly declare his intent to vote for Barr.”

    Meh, it seems quite a few people are planning to vote for Barr even though they don’t really support him (e.g. David Nolan).

    Even though Barr has proven himself a filthy worm and an all-around idiot, I still might vote for him if his campaign cuts the crap for the rest of the cycle. (Or I could go back to my coin-flip idea.)

  4. WinstonSmith

    Barr has been the only choice for true Liberty this whole election. Nothing has changed because he shunned a Republicrat.

  5. darolew

    “Barr has been the only choice for true Liberty this whole election.”

    Liberty doesn’t have much to do with elections.

  6. TheOriginalAndy

    I’m a 12 year member of the Libertarian Party. I voted for Harry Browne in 1996 and 2000 and I voted for Michael Badnarik in 2004.

    I do not plan to vote for Bob Barr. I gave Barr a chance before and after the Convention and he failed to win me over.

    I do not believe in “my party right or wrong.” This is a big part of what is wrong with the Democrats and Republicans and I don’t want to see this mentality infecting the Libertarian Party. I consider voting for Barr to be rewarding the party for making a bad choice and I don’t plan on doing this. It is time for some tough love.

  7. VTV

    Well you can be sure G.E. there won’t be any statements about me voting for Barr. 🙂

    I have already made it clear to anyone who asks my feelings on this.

  8. WinstonSmith

    Winston Smith – If you’re not on the Barr payroll, then you’re whoring for free.

    I’m whoring for the advancement of Liberty. I see nothing wrong with that.

  9. rdupuy

    I thought libertarians believed words mean something. WinstonSmith is not ‘whoring for free’

    Nevermind that the word implies a money transaction, that it would be more apropos to accuse a paid Barr staffer of ‘whoring’ than the idea of ‘whoring for free’.

    Nevermind all that, because its just a rude, knee jerk response.

    WinstonSmith, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    These critics of Bob Barr remind me of the critics of Harry Browne, the critics of Marrou.

    In the end the LP, as it grows, will leave behind these critics. Parties grow, with people who know how parties work.

    In the end we should show respect for the presidential electors of the LP – they were voted in by the LP membership. They selected Bob Barr.

    And all these vague criticisms don’t amount to any real criticism of Bob Barr. He speaks the message of Libertarianism, and does so very eloquently, and no person, and I mean no other person right now is doing a better job or reaching more people.

  10. Coming Back to the LP

    We can trust that Balwin would be a terrible theocrat if elected.

    It’s instinct.

    A scorpion riding on a turtle’s back across a river …

  11. darolew

    “Baldwin would be a heck of a lot better than McCain or Obama.”

    So would a box of Tic Tacs. It’s a pretty low bar to clear.

  12. InQuestForTruth

    Baldwin is 100% behind his presidential platform. Read his newsletters and watch his videos over the years. Theocratic? Chuck will stick to the Constitution. For those who are agnostic, like it or not, God does exist, therefore the universe is a theocracy, and like it or not, all nations on earth are under the authority, blessing, and punishment of the Almighty God. Can you handle the Truth? Click and surf with an open mind for challenge.
    May God bless the endeavors of Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul, and like-minded leaders – for the sake of our nation and world.

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