Shane Cory to Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty: ‘Go F**k Yourself’

Says Campaign for Liberty Events Coordinator, Don Rasmussen:

“I just sat in stunned silence as Bob Barr blatantly lied to the national press corp (or the half dozen members that bothered to show up). He stated that he had not committed to attend this press conference. This is patently false. He was fully committed to attend until 30 minutes before when Russ Varney called Jesse Benton and said that Barr was out. This man has not one ounce of integrity in his body.

“Adam Kokesh stood up during the press conference, denounced Barr and withdrew his support. Several others in the room quickly followed. Great job Adam!

“I asked Barr Communications Director Shane Corey after the event why they pulled this stunt and was told to go f*** myself.”

Cory, of course, resigned in disgrace from the LP, allegedly against the protests of LP Chairman Bill Redpath. Cory was thanked by Bob Barr during his acceptance speech, despite having worked for Bob Barr at that point would have meant he did so in secret, either as LP Executive Director or as editor and chief censor of Third Party Watch.

23 thoughts on “Shane Cory to Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty: ‘Go F**k Yourself’

  1. sunshinebatman

    drama drama drama… sounds like the Barr people are angry they couldn’t get more than a 1/4 endorsement from Paul.

  2. G.E. Post author

    Hooray for Adam Kokesh! All LP state parties should now follow his lead, denounce the evil Barr and remove him, where possible, from their ballot lines.

  3. G.E. Post author

    Someone should tell Barr that Ron Paul is not in the habit of endorsing people who pay for their wife’s abortions while cheating on them with the … they later marry.

  4. ElfNinosMom

    I asked this on LFV, but maybe someone here knows. Did Shane Cory literally tell Don Rasmussen to “go fuck yourself”, or was that just Rasmussen’s interpretation of what Shane Cory said to him?

  5. johncjackson

    I guess I have to give Wayne Root a little credit for agreeing to step aside for Paul. Though as a gambling man, maybe he knew the safe money was against Paul accepting.

  6. NewFederalist

    “Neither Barr nor Root have the authority to replace Root, who was chosen by the delegates.”

    That is most certainly true. If Root withdrew from the ticket and Ron Paul was interested I would find it difficult to believe the LNC would not make the substitution a la Eagleton for Shriver in 1972 for the Democrats.

  7. Trent Hill

    This is rediculous. Barr has REALLY screwed up.

    As for Adam Kokesh, the guy is a REALLY-well respected hero of our movement.

  8. G.E. Post author

    Well, he won my respect today. Because I have NO respect for anyone who supports Bob Barr.

  9. G.E. Post author

    Okay, look: Virtually everyone has said I’ve been too extreme in my vitriol against Barr and the Redpath junta, but the events of the past week have crystallized things for a lot of people, I think, and maybe now you all can see why I’ve been so goddamn cranky about these crooks taking over the party! Each time Barr does something stupid, another layer of his support is pealed off. How many people today have said that THIS was the final straw? Before that, it was the suing-the-church deal. Before that, the flip flop on global warming. Before that, Jesse Helms. Have I missed anything? This campaign has been an unmitigaged series of disasters, and after the B.S. they tried to pull on the heroic Angela Keaton, maybe you can start to see that this was a plot, from at least two years ago (probably four), by all those criminals to have what we have now. What, you think they wouldn’t do it? They have no shame.

  10. ElfNinosMom

    The LNC can replace Root, but they didn’t even know anything about this until after the fact. I have heard from several LNC members today, and they are furious, as well they should be.

  11. VTV

    If the efforts to do that need any help, I am with them. This is an absolute disgrace. I knew this would happen. I knew it all along. This GOP plant and his buddy just locked down the best ballot access of any of the third parties and drove it right into the ground!

  12. Sivarticus

    Kokesh is a man I really respect. His very vocal withdrawal of support for Barr just reinforces my own conviction that Barr must be dumped by every self-respecting admirer of liberty today.

  13. inDglass

    VTV said:

    This GOP plant and his buddy just locked down the best ballot access of any of the third parties and drove it right into the ground!

    I am starting to wonder now if that was the goal. There was a good chance Ron Paul’s support would jump to the LP’s nomination, potentially giving a “Ron Paul candidate” 50 state ballot access. Perhaps then the GOP woke it’s sleeping infiltrator in the LP to take that nomination and destroy it.

  14. Jive Dadson

    I just had the most absurd fantasy involving bug spray and a mustache that looks like a dead caterpillar.

  15. fresnoa

    I am glad I left the LP back in 2001 yet kept a close eye on it. I am voting Nader now since there is no other choose in CA. Its time to either take the party back or just work on building the BTP. I think its crazy there are almost 4 minor parties that agree on about 75% of the issues. Yet we cannot unite as one . The parties I am talking are the LP, CP, BTP, and Objectivist. I would say lets just crash a party but why waste the time when if we truly organize we can skip all the BS!

  16. VTV

    The problem is a complete unwillingness to compromise. And we fight over socialism while fascism takes hold of the country behind our backs.

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