Steven Porter, independent in PA’s 3rd, appeals court decision to kick him off of the ballot; case goes to state Supreme Court

On September 9, Dr. Steven Porter – running to represent Pennsylvania’s 3rd district in the US Congress – announced that his attorney had filed an appeal to a Senior Commonwealth Court Judge’s decision to throw him off of the ballot. The appeal is based mostly on two facts: one, the judge stated in his decision that the signatures were valid but they coudn’t be counted because Porter had filled in the address of some of them, and two, the similar case of Dow v. Good had been decided in the opposite way.

In Dr. Porter’s words,

“The law states that where signatures are genuine, findings are to be made in favor of the candidate. On page 7 of his opinion, Judge Kelly stated that the signatures I filed were, in fact, genuine, but in contradiction to his own statement that this should weigh for me, the judge found otherwise. In addition, the number of signatures accepted (over 1600) was well in excess of the number required for both Republican and Democratic candidates. Finally, in the Dows vs. Good case of 2006, signatures were accepted where a hand other than the signer had stricken the town name and written in another town name. This ruling was directly opposite to the ruling which disallowed my signatures.”

Today, Dr. Porter has announced that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to hear his case. The brief will be due on September 26th, and the opposition brief a week after that. The case should be decided quickly, because of the need to print and distribute November ballots.

Porter also issued strongly-worded statements about the Democrats’ effort to get him off of the ballot and the two-party system:

“Again, it is clear to me and should be clear to anyone looking at this case that I and all those who signed for me have been treated unfairly and that all of the voters of this district have been deprived of justice and the free exercise of our democracy.

“Both major parties in America are little short of traitorous. They kill our children in manufactured wars like Vietnam and Iraq; they outsource our jobs; they deprive us of affordable health care; they pollute our environment; they rob us at the gas pumps; and with the help of a media controlled by special interests, they stifle the voices which oppose them. I urge the voters of this district and our nation to stop choosing between the fire of corrupted Republicans and the frying pan of corrupted Democrats and to elect honest, independent voices like mine which dare to speak out on behalf of the people.”

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