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Update on Boston Tea Party organizing efforts and endorsements

21 September 2008 Here: 329 members. Facebook: 461. Today we received the final vote to make the national committee unanimous. We now have a state affiliate in Kansas.

19 September 2008 Here: 321 members. Facebook: 457. We continue to grow. The national committee is considering the addition of a Kansas state affiliate, for a full dozen of state affiliates. The chair has asked each state affiliate to send their list of candidates endorsed to be added to our voter’s guide as soon as possible.

17 September 2008 Here: 315, Facebook 449. Looking for a new state affiliate this week.

14 September 2008 We now have 434 members on our Facebook group and 306 on this site.

13 September 2008 Today is Friday the 13th what come on a Saturday, to quote Pogo from years gone by. Today we have 300 members on this site, 405 members of our largest Facebook group. We have 20 groups on Facebook for state affiliates, and a total of 11 formally approved state affiliates. We have 22 candidates for various offices endorsed or nominated on our voter’s guide. Our party’s presidential nominee, Charles Jay, has endorsed Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty’s four point agenda, as has our national committee.

One of our enthusiastic supporters in Texas mentions that 300 men were important to defending the pass at Thermopylae 2500 years ago when freedom in Greece was threatened by imperial Persia. Today three hundred Boston Tea Party-goers are standing for freedom and integrity against the imperial ambitions of the neo-conservatives in the GOP (including the one running for president on the LP ticket). I’m very proud of you all.

12 September 2008 This evening we added a Facebook group for Arizona. This makes 20 state affiliate groups, or nearly 40% of the states (since one group is for DC). How about your state?

The Boston Tea Party endorsed Wes Upchurch for secretary of state in Missouri. The national committee has agreed to the four points of the C4L program and asks the members to adopt them as our national party program in convention this October.

11 September 2008 The Boston Tea Party commemorates today the loss of lives on 11 September 2001. We also commemorate today the lives lost in the war in Afghanistan and in Iraq. May peace come to our world.

Boston Tea Party presidential candidate Charles Jay has endorsed the Campaign for Liberty’s four point program. The chair of the Boston Tea Party has asked the national committee to consider using all four points in developing our program for the convention this October.

Members here: 292 Facebook: 400

10 September 2008 Here: 286 Facebook 393. Please invite your friends to join.

8 September 2008 Here: 285. Facebook 375. Our party is now about ten times the size it was on 1 May 2008. Please invite your friends.

Today we added a Facebook group for Georgia.
It is our nineteenth state-specific group on Facebook. Please help us form an affiliate in your state.

7 September 2008 Here: 284. Facebook: 367. State affiliates: 11. Presidential candidate on ballot: 3 states.

6 September 2008 We continue to grow. I make it 281 members on this site and 364 on our largest Facebook group. Next month we have our convention, and you have to be a member if you want to participate.

5 September 2008 We received word today that the Tennessee government has certified Charles Jay and Tom Knapp to appear on the ballot there. We still have a few states with active teams working ballot access for our presidential nominee, and many with write-in registration work going on.

Here is the link in Tennessee.

Here on this site we have 278 members. Our main Facebook group continues to be our largest membership social networking site with 358 members. Some of our state affiliate sites on various networks have no overlap to either this site or the main FB group, so our total reach is slightly larger. Please invite your friends to join our party.

2 September 2008 Our party continues to grow, with 274 party-goers officially members of this site. Our main group on Facebook has 350 members today. We now have eleven state affiliates from North Carolina to California, and more groups forming. Today is the Ron Paul Rally for the Republic in St. Paul, Minnesota (clever of him to have the RNC in his namesake city) where legions of Campaign for Liberty enthusiasts are being trained in local political action. The future of freedom is coming into sight.

31 August 2008 Lots of candidates are being reviewed by the national committee and by our state affiliates for endorsement. We’re also having success recruiting members. On Facebook, our main group has over 340 members, on this site 270 members. We’re now represented on six different social networking systems with over 25 sites.

30 August 2008 The big news is the best. Florida is our third state for ballot access work, following impressive work in Colorado and in Tennessee. We are very grateful to Florida state chair John Wayne Smith, to registration and elector team Paulie and Andy, and to Darcy Richardson who has done yeoman work there. Congratulations to Charles Jay are also in order. His one-trick pony campaign in 2004 was only on the ballot in the state of Utah, but he has inspired considerable effort now in three states.

If you are interested in working with us on ballot access in your state, please get in touch. We have active teams for write-in ballot access in states where deadlines have passed, and we have teams on the ground in Louisiana and Alabama.

29 August 2008 The national committee has been inundated with requests for endorsement. We’re organising these now to speed things along. Having the state affiliates take up the work of endorsements would help a great deal. In the interest of more state affiliates, we have created social networking pages for New York and many other states – check the list on this page:

Management at Freeople have contacted us about extending our network there – 26 people are involved on our group on their site. If you are interested in taking the lead in our Freeople social networking presence, please contact the chair.

Here: 269 members. Facebook: 337

25 August 2008 The Boston Tea Party’s national committee has unanimously approved our state affiliate in California. We now have affiliates in eleven states. We anticipate hearing of a number of candidate endorsements from each affiliate soon.

We currently have 259 members listed on this site and 332 at our Facebook group. Please invite your friends and family to join.

24 August 2008 We have 254 members on this site, 324 members on Facebook. Please invite your friends to join.

New products, including fun slogans like “Opposing Tyranny Since 1773” are now available at in various products. Special orders are available from the chair if you want him to design something in particular.

Our favorite model has received T-shirt and thongs for much anticipated photos. Stay tuned for news. We also anticipate much photography at the wet T-shirt contest in Alabama.

We’ve received a formal request to help us form a state affiliate in New York.

22 August 2008 As anticipated, we have completed our work to get on the ballot in Tennessee. From news reports there, it looks as though we’ll likely be approved. We now have crossed over 250 members on this site. My personal goal as chair through the convention of 24 October 2008 is to have 500 members of the party on this site, so we are halfway there.

Facebook continues to lead the way for us, with now 318 members of our main group there. The chair of our affiliate in California promises we’ll have bylaws for that affiliate, our 11th (this one goes to 11!) on Sunday. We should have at least some group or e-mail listserv for every state by the 24th of October. Well over half the states are represented graphically at and on various Facebook groups.

“You’re all doing very well!” Thank you for your kindness, enthusiasm, and support.

20 August 2008 The membership on this site stands at just under 245 whereas 308 have found their way to our Facebook group. Please recruit your friends who believe a better government would be smaller.

Tomorrow we anticipate meeting the requirements for ballot access in Tennessee and adding a state affiliate in California. The Boston Tea Party continues to grow. Would you please help organise your state for us? Thanks!

19 August 2008 We have over 305 members of our main Facebook group, and about 240 members on this site. Recently, I was asked why these numbers are important. After all, if our cause is just, what difference how many agree? The answer is: politics. Our success as a political party is judged in part by how many people we bring…to the party, as it were. Growth in membership indicates our message continues to percolate in the community of libertarians generally. Later this week, I expect to see the California affiliate apply for official sanction and begin endorsing candidates. Please help us by forming a state affiliate, or becoming active in your state’s affiliate. Endorsements should be handled as locally as possible.

Given the very large number of candidates from California now (suddenly – did they hear about my plans to have BTP endorse more than they list on their site?) shown on the candidates page, having an affiliate in that state is key to our growth and success. I’ve been told that more libertarians live in Orange County than in any other part of the country. The national committee continues to field requests for endorsements.

17 August 2008 As of today there are about 236 members of the Boston Tea Party on this site, and 290 members of our main Facebook group. We continue to get endorsement requests for the national committee to consider. Adding more state affiliates would help that process a great deal, so if you have the opportunity, check out our social networking page and join your state’s affiliate – or help us form one in your state. If you are a candidate, please contact your state’s affiliate first, and the national committee if you can’t get in touch with them.

14 August 2008 There are now 225 members of this site, 285 of our main Facebook group. Please invite your friends to join. Please invite candidates you know to be endorsed by our party.

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    Our Facebook group topped 500 today. Sweet.

  2. JimDavidson JimDavidson September 23, 2008

    It’s like news when we post updates to it on the BTP site. Darryl Perry did a nice graphic of the growth rate in our party’s members which appears on our Facebook main group.

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