An Activists’ Guide to Election Day: Do you have a cell phone?

Today I got an email from the progressive mobile phone company Credo asking me to volunteer on Election Day to help stop election fraud. Here is the email and how you can sign up:

We need your help to prevent a stolen election.

Defend Democracy
protect the election before it's too late! Sign up for CREDO Mobile’s Election Day text message network and we’ll send you an SMS if there is an Election Protection emergency in Montgomery County.

Could it happen in your state? In your county?

Election Day is just five days away and we’re already seeing voter suppression emergencies around the nation: President Bush asked the Attorney General to investigate new registrants in Ohio. Former felons in New Mexico were told by a pollworker that they weren’t allowed to vote — even though they had served their time and legally re-registered. The list goes on, and here at CREDO, it makes us nervous. It makes us want to fight back.

There’s an easy way for you to join the fight: If you are ready and willing to take action, sign up for CREDO Mobile’s election protection text network. We’ll send a text message to your mobile phone if there is an election protection emergency in your county.

Sign up for election protection text message alerts now.

We know you’re getting a lot of traffic in your e-mail and on your phone in the lead-up to Election Day. Let me be clear about this program — this is not background noise. This is an easy way for you to make a big difference on Election Day if you are needed in your community. Here’s how the program works:

  1. Here at CREDO headquarters, we hear about an election protection emergency in Montgomery County — say college students are being forced to wait in line for hours to vote, or pollworkers are requiring voters to present photo ID even though your state’s laws allow non-photo ID, like utility bills.
  2. We’re concerned about these reports, but we want to make sure they’re true. So we vet and verify them through the media and our sources on the ground.
  3. We send you a text message — a quick summary of the problem and an easy way that you can take action and make a difference. “Students waiting for hours at City Hall — bring pizza!” Or maybe, “Pollworkers illegally requiring photo ID — call Board of Elections!”

We’ll give you all the information you need to ensure your time is well used — for example, if we ask you to call your Board of Elections, we’ll text you the number to call. If you need to hurry to a hotspot to protest voter intimidation, we’ll text you the address. Chances are that we may not text you at all, but if we do, it will be because you have a real opportunity to protect voters in your county and in your state.

If you prefer not to receive messages on your phone or don’t have text messaging capability, that’s okay — watch your e-mail box on Election Day. If there’s an emergency in your area that warrants a text alert, we will likely also send out an e-mail to those who aren’t in our Election Protection text network.

So click here to sign-up today. You may end up saving someone’s right to vote.

Thank you for working to protect our democracy.

Kate Stayman-London, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

9 thoughts on “An Activists’ Guide to Election Day: Do you have a cell phone?

  1. Gene Trosper

    Um, no thanks.

    All elections are stolen anyway…elections are an advance auction of stolen goods.

  2. JimDavidson

    I take some of it back, Gene. A man who quotes Ambrose Bierce can’t be all bad.

    One good deed…

    Vote: The instrument and symbol of a free man’s power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country. – Ambrose Bierce, from “The Devil’s Dictionary”

  3. Fanta

    If you need to hurry to a hotspot to protest voter intimidation, we’ll text you the address.

    Yeah, this is gonna go very badly for Kate Stayman-London. She better hope she has a really good attorney. The federal statutes criminalizing use of a telephone or telegraph to aid or abet incitement of riot are so liberally written a 1st year law student could get a conviction.

  4. PJWerner

    Do you have to have an account? I tried to sign up and there was an error. Good idea, though.

  5. Daniel Richmond

    Until we get rid of Electronic voting you have no vote. end of story.
    with the possible exception of a fully informed jury and jury nullification. Good luck w/ that.

  6. NewFederalist

    This post is almost a year old! I’m thinking a follow up is unlikely.

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