Free and Equal debate picked up on C-SPAN for Live coverage

Another development in the story about the Free and Equal debate, C-SPAN has agreed to air the debate live. In addition it will still be available for live coverage and commentary on At this time only Independant Ralph Nader and Constitution Party candidate are confirmed. Whether or not this development will attract the participation of Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr or Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney remains to be seen.

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Was a fierce Independent because of statements made in George Washington's farewell address about how the party system would damage the nation. (He was right). Became interested in the Libertarian party because of Ron Paul. I helped get Mike Gravel into the LP, and joined the party with him. And contrary to what people have said, we are not going anywhere. We are in the Libertarian party from now on. Get used to it.

19 thoughts on “Free and Equal debate picked up on C-SPAN for Live coverage

  1. millerpolitics

    Good to see Nader in this debate, he didn’t join in the 2004 Third Party debate on C-Span. Now if Bob Barr will get off the high pedestal he has but himself on thinking he is superior than other minor candidates.

  2. VTV Post author

    I wonder if Bob Barr the coward will come out of his cave for this debate. He is out of excuses now. There are no mainstream debates for him to join. He wanted Nader he will get him. If he doesn’t show he is going to had a lot of votes to Chuck Baldwin on a silver platter.

  3. paulie cannoli

    McKinney has apparently decided against participating, as her last release cautions people against the organizers of this debate.

    Barr has previously cited not wanting to be on the stage with McKinney as his reason against debating. However, I predict he will cite his schedule and not getting enough lead time as his reasons even if she is not there.

  4. VTV Post author

    paulie can I see this release cautioning people about the people organizing this debate? I am curious what her problem is.

  5. paulie cannoli

    “The organizers of the canceled forum at Columbia have announced another forum, to take place in Washington, DC, on Thursday, Oct. 23. Despite the organizers’ claims of confirmation by the candidates, Ms. McKinney has not been consulted on her participation in the Thursday forum or on ground rules or other parameters of the event. We’re urging members of the media to regard announcements about the Oct. 23 forum with some caution.”

  6. paulie cannoli

    Free and Equal Elections

    230 E. Ohio Street STE. 212 Chicago, IL 60611

    phone 1.312.320.4101 fax 1.866.309.7803

    Contact: Christina M. Tobin

    Phone: (312) 320-4101




    Free and Equal is pleased to announce that CSPAN will be covering tomorrow night’s debate LIVE from 9:00pm to 10:30 EST. Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin and Independent candidate Ralph Nader have confirmed their participation.

    Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee, has declined to attend due to scheduling conflicts. The invitation to debate remains open.

    A moderator has been confirmed, and will be announced tomorrow morning.

    A live web feed will be streamed by Restore the Republic Radio at


    Tickets for the event can be purchased at

    To request media credentials for the debate, please send an e-mail to

    # # #

    Inquiries may be directed to Christina Tobin@ (312) 320-4101, or by e-mail

  7. paulie cannoli

    Statement on tomorrow’s debate
    October 22nd, 2008 by Jason Pye

    Since this third party debate issue has come back up I wanted to share with readers the letter that Russ Verney sent to the group organizing the event, which can be read here. Keep in mind that we received a notice about this debate on Tuesday by fax. We sent our response later in the day.

    The Georgia Tech appearance was scheduled well in advance and has been promoted. We will not cancel that appearance.

    It seems as though the organizers want us to drop our plans at their convenience. As Russ wrote in the letter, “I believe this is twice that your organization has made a public announcement regarding an imminent presidential candidate debate without first checking availability of the candidates.”

    We have been open to the prospect of the third party debate provided that it was organized with details clearly presented to the campaign and it could not interfere with Bob’s hectic schedule. It seems the organizers are not willing to negotiate before they set the plans.

    No disrespect is directed towards the candidates participating in the debate. However, the Barr campaign cannot and will not be held responsible for the lack of planning on the part of others.


    From :

    Free and Equal has also been informed that Bob Barr has declined to participate in the LIVE C-SPAN DEBATE from 9:00pm to 10:30 EST. due to scheduling conflicts.

    How do you like that Barr supporters, I’m glad I woke up just in time . I proudly voted for Nader due to this. This was just one more insult I could not take.

    MAY I ADD THAT today i posted a comment in Barr’s web site just saying C-SPAN is carrying the event live and they censored me , Jason Pye did not post it. Is this Libertarian?

  9. leftlibertarian

    Bob Barr’s campaign is a joke. Russ Verney is a fool. Is Barr even going to finish 4th? I doubt it. I’m certainly not voting for him.

  10. paulie cannoli

    @ Reason mag:

    Still, to be sure, a post-platform reform, post-Barr LP has been on the grow in terms of dues-paying national members, according to the LP’s official figures. From December 2007 to now, the party membership has grown by 1,656 members; that’s nearly 11 percent.

    But how impressive is this? In 2004, the year of unknown Michael Badnarik as their candidate, with a Party burdened with that crazy-radical old platform, the party grew from December 2003 to December 2004 by 2,814 in whole numbers, and by 14 percent, from a much higher base.

    For whatever reason, the Party’s biggest membership plunge of the past few years happened over the course of 2006, the year which, in July, the Party’s platform was shaved in the manner that the New Yorker implicitly credits with the 2007 membership rise. The LP gained 3,313 members in 2007–again, in judging how well the “nominating the successful politician” strategy has done for the LP’s prominence so far, note that that is more than twice the number of new members that nominating Barr has earned the LP so far. Yes, the year isn’t over yet, and the election hasn’t happened yet. But, non-disdainful mainstream media attention or not, I’m not impressed with what Barr has done for the LP so far.

  11. VTV Post author

    leftlibertarian I am looking for people for a left leaning channel on our internet radio station. Do you know anyone who might like to take a show?

  12. VTV Post author

    If Michael Badnarik were our candidate this time around he could of easily ridden the Ron Paul wave of enthusiasm to bringing the LP to new heights.

  13. Austrian Economist

    Russ Verney,

    I address this you on behalf of every Libertarian, Independent, and general third party voter.

    YOU DUMB FUCK. You arrogant thug, trying to stonewall the efforts of the Third Party Unity, being a stubborn, prissy mule.

    Do you think you are fooling anyone at this point? Make every bullshit excuse you want; we know your self-centered actions reflect anything BUT the causes of freedom & liberty. It’s equally pathetic and laughable how you have conducted your campaign.

    So please, get Shane Cory’s head out of your ass, and why don’t the two of you get ole’ Bob Barr to DC by tomorrow at 9?

    Consider this a showdown… this is the final stroke of high noon, and your ilk are clearly too yellow to show.

    I mean, you’re not going to have any parties left to hijack pretty soon. That’s a bummer, man.

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