debate is on; Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin confirmed has teamed up with Restore The Republic Radio ( to bring back the third party debate that nearly did not happen. Restore the Republic Radio will have live audio and video coverage of the debate that will take place at Thursday October 23rd at 8pm EST with post debate coverage and live interviews until midnight. So far the debate is confirmed to have Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin. All the third party candidates who have enough possible electoral votes to win the election have been invited. More details will be provided as this develops.

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  1. paulie cannoli

    Nothing to be sorry about – that’s good info to have.

    I actually just linked the other article because it has already dropped off the front page, even though it’s from today, and I thought people who are interested in this one would be interested in that one as well.

  2. VTV Post author

    Restore the Republic is the organization that the late Aaron Russo formed. It is basically a political activist group that is big on the Constitution, getting rid of the income tax, etc. I think the best way to learn about them is to watch “Freedom to Fascism” or visit

  3. VTV Post author

    Well now we are one in the same. Revolution Broadcasting merged with Restore the Republic to make

  4. VTV Post author

    As I understand it we basically brought the radio to it. They have a mogulus video channel that they rarely used, but that’s about it.

  5. VTV Post author

    I am pretty sure that is what he meant.

    It also still looks like there is a possibility of C-SPAN covering it. If they do and Barr backs out again I think it will be very obvious that he was little more then a neo-con shill all along.

  6. paulie cannoli

    According to a comment at TPW, Barr has already backed out again.

    # Jonathan Says:
    October 21st, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    Jason Pye of the Barr campaign has said Barr will not make it. I asked and he responded. I’m glad I swithced my vote to Ralph Nader from Bob Barr. I feel good about Nader as a person, you can count on him

    Hopefully McKinney will be there.

  7. Austrian Economist

    response I got from FreeandEqual regarding the broadcast. PASS IT ON:

    C-SPAN has confirmed for the event, though they have yet to confirm whether it will be live. If you would like to give them a call to request they broadcast it live, that’d be very useful. It’s the type of incentive that may help get all 4 candidates to confirm and make for the best debate possible.

    Please have others you know do the same if they’d to help this event get maximum exposure. Thanks.

    C-SPAN main #: (202) 737-3220

    *cough cough* Babbarr…

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