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Green Party Watch expands on list of ‘campaigns to watch’

Expanding on the list of top campaigns to watch sent out by the Green Party US national office yesterday, Green Party Watch is compiling a larger list of their most active and interesting campaigns.

Interested readers can make additional suggestions at Green Party Watch (or here), and IPR readers who support other parties may want to come up with a list like this for their parties as well.

Doing some brainstorming with Green Change, this list came up (in no particular order):

* McKinney/Clemente and Nader/Gonzalez
* Jesse Johnson, Governor of West Virginia
* Rebekah Kennedy, U.S. Senate Arkansas
* Chris Lugo, U.S. Senate Tennessee
* Keith Ware, U.S. Senate Shadow D.C.
* Gordon Clark, U.S. House, Maryland
* Tristin Mock, U.S. House, Oregon
* Jason Wallace, U.S. House, Illinois
* Omar Lopez, U.S. House, Illinois
* Kevin O’Connor – State Rep – Illinois, District 41
* Richard Carroll – State Rep – Arkansas, District 39
* Farheen Hakeem – State Rep – Minnesota, District 61B
* Mark Sanchez – Board of Supervisors – San Francisco, CA
* Linda Piera-Avila – City Council – Santa Monica, CA
* Rick Lass – Public Regulation Commission – New Mexico, PRC District 3
* Daniel Jenkins – State House – Maine, District 119
* Anna Trevorrow – School Committee – Portland, ME
* Cara Jennings – Commissioner – Lake Worth District 2, FL
* John Reeder – County Board – Arlington, VA
* Tina Smith – City Council – Portland, ME

Now we need to add some Green Party Watch races as well! What races are Green Party Watch contributors and readers interested in? Come on – Fan Favorites? Because we want to cover them here! Off the top of my head I would add:

* Bryan Smith – York County Council, Dist.1 – South Carolina (Go Bryan!)
* Wendy Barth – U.S. House, Iowa (Go Wendy!)
* John Wages, Jr. – U.S. House, Mississippi (Go John!)
* State Slates – Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon – are all running slates in almost every Congressional race. If I were a state party co-chair of one of these states I’d be making friendly wagers that my state can beat your state!
* Others? Titus North? Howie Hawkins? Bob Kinsey? Steve Larrick? Carol Brouillet? Alan Auguston? Scott Summers? Steve Alesch? Chris Henry?

Who’s on your list to watch?

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  1. cbrouillet cbrouillet October 24, 2008

    (The ad is posted at ). As I recall Lincoln was called “spotty Abe” for always challenging Polk on where the Mexicans attacked on American soil, as he challenged the Mexican-American War. I hope the Greens will replace the Republicans and Democrats by challenging them on the bogus “War on Terrorism.”

  2. cbrouillet cbrouillet October 24, 2008

    Here is the TV Ad that we’ll be running next week-

    The text:
    On 9/11, three skyscrapers were felled by two planes, World Trade Center 7, the Patriot Act, the financial crash, the bailout, all share characteristics of controlled demolitions, criminal fraud, and treason. We the people, need the courage to seek and speak the truth. We need to investigate the big lies. We need to arrest, impeach the terrorists. We need to defend our Constitution, our rights, our lives. I am Carol Brouillet, Green Party Candidate for Congress and I approve this message. Vote Green for truth, peace and justice.

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