Minor Party candidates in Pennsylvania

If you’re voting in Pennsylvania this November – or voting by absentee ballot for candidates in Pennsylvania – what are your minor party and independent options? I have tried my best to compile a list here. Feel free to point out what I’ve missed in the comments. Also, if you compose a list like this for your own state, I would be more than willing to post it.

Another thing you should know is that these are all the offices I could find listings for was state representative. If you can find anything for offices like school board or county commissioner or anything else I left out, let me know and I’ll update the entry.

President (statewide options, nationwide race):
Ralph Nader, Independent
Bob Barr, Libertarian
-Write in whomever your heart desires

Attorney General (statewide):
Marakay Rogers, Libertarian (also endorsed by the Green Party, the Reform Party, and Ralph Nader)

Auditor General (statewide):
Betsy Summers, Libertarian

State Treasurer (statewide):
-Berlie Etzel, Libertarian

US House (find your district here):
-District 2: Osborne Hart, Socialist Workers (write-in)
-District 3: Dr. Steven Porter, Independent (write-in)
-District 5: James Fryman, Libertarian
-District 8: Tom Lingenfelter, Independent (also running for State House in District 143)
-District 13 (my district): John McDermott, Constitution
-District 14: Titus North, Green
Ryan Scott, Socialist Workers (write-in)
-District 16: John Murphy, Independent
Dan Frank, Constitution

State Senate (find your district here):
-District 21: Mary Lea Lucas, Libertarian
-District 23: Mike Dincher, Independent
-District 29: Dennis Baylor, Independent

State House (find your district here):
-District 13: Ronald Hershey, Independent
-District 20: Jim Barr, Constitution
-District 21: Dan Mahon, Independent
Jonah Yon McAllister-Erikson, Green
-District 23: Mary Hughes, Green
-District 27: Frank J. Liberatore, Reform
-District 35: David Posipanka, Libertarian
-District 51: Gary Gearing, Independent
-District 63: Michael J. Robertson, Libertarian
-District 64: Vance H. Mays, Libertarian
-District 111: Jay Sweeney, Green
-District 133: Guy Gray, Green
-District 143: Tom Lingenfelter, Independent (also running for US House in District 8)
-District 178: Bill O’Neill, Independent
-District 180: Eric Sanchez, Libertarian
-District 183: Carl Edwards, Constitution

(And here’s an interesting fact: the only people running for state house in districts 25,65, 68, 73, and a few other districts are nominated by both the Democrats and the Republicans)

9 thoughts on “Minor Party candidates in Pennsylvania

  1. Mike Indiana

    Politics1.com also lists

    US House
    D2 – Osborne Hart (Socialist Workers/Write-In)
    D3 – Steve Porter (Write-In)
    D14 – Titus North (Green) (On Ballot an in Debates with incumbent 1-1)
    D14 – Ryan Scott (Socialist Workers/Write-In)

    Titus North is a huge omission rarely does a third party candidate get a chance to debate there opponent (incumbent D-Mike Doyle) when there is a major party candidate missing (Republican) from the mix. Titus had a one on one debate which can be seen at his Website:

  2. Mike Indiana

    The Green Party’s election database also lists
    State House District 133 – Guy Gray

  3. Fanta


    Ralph Nader – Peace
    Cynthia McKinney – Green
    Bob Barr – Libertarian
    Chuck Baldwin – Constitution

    Dave Brownlow – Constitution

    U.S. HO– USE 1
    Chris Henry – Green
    Scott Semrau – Constitution
    H. Joe Tabor- Libertarian
    Joel Haugen – Unaffiliated

    U.S. HO– USE 2
    Tristin Mock – Green

    U.S. HO– USE 3
    Michael Meo – Green

    U.S. HO– USE 4
    Mike Bellstein – Green
    Jaynee Germond – Constitution
    (note: no Republican running)

    U.S. HO– USE 5
    Steve Milligan – Libertarian
    Douglas Patterson – Constitution
    Alex Polikoff – Green

    Seth Allan Wooley – Green

    Michael Marsh – Constitution

    J. Ashlee Albies – Working Families
    Walt Brown – Green
    James Leuenberger – Constitution
    (note: no Republican running)

  4. Fanta


    Chuck Baldwin – Alaskan Independence
    Bob Barr – Libertarian
    Ralph Nader – Unaffiliated

    Bob Bird – Alaskan Independence
    David Haase – Libertarian
    Ted Gianoutsous – Unaffiliated

    Don Wright – Alaskan Independence

  5. Curt Boyd

    I’ll be voting for Betsy Summers. I voted for her when she ran for Senate, and I think she’d be a great Auditor General.

    Unfortunately, there’s no independent running for State Senate, House or US House in my district, so I’ll have to go “least worst” in those races.

  6. Ross Levin Post author

    I convinced my brother to vote for the Libertarian for Attorney General. She seems like she’d be good for the job from what I’ve seen.

    To Fanta – do you have any links to those candidates’ websites?

  7. Ross Levin Post author

    And to everyone else – please compile a list like this for your home state. You can look up your state’s secretary of state’s website. It probably has all the info you need.

    I hope we can get a list for most or all of the states by election day.

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