Ohio candidate for AG lauds ‘programs to support homeowners’

Independent candidate for Ohio Attorney General Robert Owens praised voluntary programs to help homeowners being foreclosed upon in a press release today. He mentioned his experience as a pro bono prosecutor and attacked the Democrat for proposing excessive government intervention.

The press release is posted below:

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Attorney General candidate Robert Owens released a
statement today supporting the Franklin County Homeowner Helpline as a
leading program to assist Ohioans facing foreclosure. Owens also
praised the mediation program initiated by Ohio Supreme Court Chief
Justice Thomas Moyer.

"This is exactly the kind of voluntary assistance that should be
available to help so many Ohio homeowners that are struggling," said

Former prosecutor Robert Owens, speaking after a press conference
about the Helpline on Tuesday, said the ready answers and
encouragement would be the kind of programs an Attorney General Owens'
administration would initiate to avoid expensive litigation and
protect consumers.

"As Attorney General, we would keep a pool of in-house attorneys who
have specific expertise to assist county prosecutors with fraud
prosecution, ensuring business complies with Ohio law," Owens
declared.  "With more than 7,000 foreclosures in Franklin County this
year alone, this problem requires the care and attention of public

Owens is a leader among Delaware County private practice attorneys in
pro bono defense of foreclosure victims.  In his current race for
Attorney General, Owens has supported grassroots assistance, public
leadership, and local counseling programs.  He stated that mortgage
holders and banks should be required to send a representative to
mediation who is authorized to make payment, interest rate, and loan
balance modifications.

Owens took issue, though, with his opponent Richard Cordray's July 17
mis-characterization of mortgage premium rebates.

"The Democratic Party representative in my race is wrong in his
peddling of increased regulation of yield-spread premiums," said
Owens.  "We need common sense in office - and to crush law-abiding
small business is not the answer to our current crisis.  Such
unnecessary intrusions go far beyond legitimate oversight and
prosecuting fraud.  These are misguided and reckless statements that,
if enacted, will cause even fewer Ohioans to enjoy stable home

Owens will participate in a debate of the attorney general candidates
on Wednesday at the Metropolitan Club of Columbus.

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