Presidential endorsements from across the alternative/independent political spectrum

From Stephen V. Funk, known to IPR comment readers as svf:

The American Conservative

Obama: 5
McCain: 3
Barr: 2
Pastor Chuck Baldwin [Constitution]: 2
Dr. Ron Paul [Write-In/CP/LA Taxpayers]: 1


Obama: 11
Barr: 9
McCain: 3

Independent Political Report

Barr: 8
Baldwin: 5
Paul: 5
Ralph Nader [Independent]: 4
Charles Jay [Boston Tea Party]: 1
Obama: 1

High Times

Obama: 1
Barr: 1
Cynthia McKinney [Green]: 1

The Stogie Guys

Barr: 2

Reason and The American Conservative have a very similar (and, to some, counterintuitive) vote distribution: Obama wins a plurality vote in both crowds.

Much of Libertarian candidate Bob Barr’s campaign strategy has been based on the premise that he is competing for votes directly with John McCain. Given that most small L libertarians – of both the paleo and cosmopolitan varieties – are pulling strongly for Obama over McCain (see also the Rasmussen poll), can it be said more accurately that he is competing more directly with Obama than McCain?

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4 thoughts on “Presidential endorsements from across the alternative/independent political spectrum

  1. Trent Hill

    What about TakiMag?

    Jack Hunter (aka, the Southern Avenger, columnist and radio show host) endorsed Baldwin, as did Richard Spencer and Paul Gottfried, both of TakiMag.

  2. Trent Hill

    Also at TakiMag, Justin Raimondo of Anti-war endorsed Nader (for the second time, I think).

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