Ralph Nader supports Anthony Pollina for Governor of Vermont

2008 Vermont Gubernatorial Race Watch blog carries the news that

Buried deep within its news coverage concerning Ralph Nader‘s stops in Vermont today, Fox 44 News offers a sole paragraph within a longer report stating about how (here; video clip available, plays in IE browser, not Firefox):

Nader touched on state politics as well, throwing his support behind independent candidate for governor Anthony Pollina.

Nader is the Presidential candidate currently in third place behind Obama and McCain in terms of money raised, number of states on the ballot, crowds at his campaign stops, and in most polls which include him. Libertarian candidate Bob Barr leads him in a few other polls, is still suing to get on the ballot in several others, and is on the ballot in states with the largest percentage of the country’s population.

Pollina, an independent Gubernatorial candidate who has long been associated with the Progressive Party, was at 7% in a recent poll and has the endorsement of the Vermont State Employees Association.

One thought on “Ralph Nader supports Anthony Pollina for Governor of Vermont

  1. Trent Hill

    The poll where he scored 7% was actually before the Vermont State Employees Association,too.

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