Green Party of Nepal calls for halt to ‘dictatorship’

The website reports on a press conference of the Green Nepal Party.

In a press conference organized on 23 November, GNP said grabbing power with a call of ‘New Nepal,’ the Maoists are trying to take the country towards one party dictatorship. Trying to thrust a polity discarded by the world would be nothing but treason against the nation. This will only upset the political, economic, social foundations of the country. Nepal and her people will never accept it. The Maoists waged a decade-long violent struggle against the tiny poor country. This uncalled for war has not only demolished the valuable infrastructures donated by friendly countries but pushed the country back by a few decades. The policies and directives of the Maoist led government now are further vitiating the situation. The inherent motives of the Maoist to choose such a gigantic constituent assembly through proportional representation could be nothing but achieving their sinister objective by totally destroying the economic structure of the country and pushing it to total anarchy. In such a perilous situation, all the people forces of the country must come together to save her from impending disaster. It must be our one and only commitment. The people can no more take the Maoist familitism. Green Nepal Party, with very limited resources, has come out in the open to reeducate our people to save the people from disaster. At this terrible juncture, Green Nepal Party exhorts all forces to join hands with them to save the country from the impending doom. The GNP also humbly request Nepal’s donor, well wishers and friendly countries to come to Nepal’s rescue.

The problems the country is facing that need immediate resolution are enumerated in the following:

Increasing corruption: Not one action has been taken against corrupt officials. Rather it is being institutionalized under patronage of political parties. Sister organization of bigger political parties resort to loot and corruption with impunity but the government shields them.

The government under the Maoist leadership has added familism to existing Nepotism and favoritism.

The Maoist must restore the looted property of the people immediately to their rightful owners. Compensating the victims from national exchequer is not only against the rule but anti national also. It is nothing but rewarding the criminals.

The Maoist combatants cannot be integrated in the Nepali Army. They must be accommodated separately.

The sky rocketing prices are killing the poor people and the scarcity and adulteration are aggravating their miseries. Government must control all these at once.

A country rich in water resources suffers from acute shortage of potable drinking water. There is no irrigation. Paucity of power and load shedding, which are making the lives of the people miserable, are the glaring reflection of the inefficiency of the government.

The armed groups in different districts are creating unrest that must be stopped. The unauthorized activities of sister organizations of the Maoist must be stopped without delay. Else, the country will be embroiled in a civil war.

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  1. Sudeep

    tourism is the main backbone of economy …so the government should focus on hemp industry and marijuana should be legalized to increase tourism and it will automatically provide employment opportunity ….. and boost the economy of country …..and farmers in Nepal….but we have to face foreign obstacle specially by U.S ….coz they don’t want others to develop…..they pressure nepal government to call it as drugs ….if it’s drugs why is it free in amsterdam……we have to think this matter seriously!!!!!!

    Green Revolutionary Youths

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