Vermont elects two Independents, five Progressives to State House

From BAN

On November 4, Vermont elected two independents to the State House of Representatives: Will Stevens was re-elected, and Adam Greshin was elected by defeating an incumbent Democrat.

Vermont has five Progressives in the House: David Zuckerman, Sandy Haas, Susan Davis, Sarah Edwards, and newcomer Mollie Burke. The Progressive had elected six in 2006. They lost two incumbents, Dexter Randall and Chris Pearson.

And from the comments:

The New Hampshire Libertarians had 4 after the 1992 election. The Alaska Libertarians never had more than two at one time (which was after the 1980 election). They also had one after the 1978 election and a different one after the 1984 election.

2 thoughts on “Vermont elects two Independents, five Progressives to State House

  1. joeydauben

    I’m curious to see if anyone has those LP voting numbers from Alaska and NH, what districts those were in, etc. It’d be fascinating.

    And in the Vermont elections, too, could we start posting the results or at least links to the results?

    (i.e., how much did the Progressives lose by, etc.)

    Did Pollina come in second in the gubernatorial race?

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