Ann Garrison: ‘Where else will the LGBT community, or the anti-war and environmental communities, have to turn in 2012?’

Posted by Ann Garrison at Colored Opinions. One error of fact, which does not change the larger point: Nader ran as an independent in 2004, Green candidate Cobb and Libertarian Badnarik actually were arrested at a presidential debate that year, but Nader did run on the Green ticket in 1996 and 2000. Excerpt from a longer piece:

Where else will the LGBT community, or the anti-war and environmental communities, have to turn in 2012?

Tolerance is obviously no logical excuse for Obama’s highly symbolic invitation to a preacher so intolerant that he joins two brutal African dictators, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, in denying the very existence, of homosexuals, in Uganda and Rwanda, and denying them U.S.-funded HIV/AIDS care.

However, politician’s pronouncements aren’t often logically consistent, given that most of them try to be all things to all people and say what they know their audience of the day wants to hear.

And, most people seem to think that Obama’s tolerance of Rick Warren is simply political pragmatic, to keep Reverend Rick Warren under the Democratic Party big tent.

And, we’ve gotta keep in mind here that Reverend Rick Warren, has been such a Bush fan, ally, and, successful lobbyist, that it is far easier to imagine him drifting towards Sarah Palin or some other hyper-Christian Republican, in 2012, than it is to imagine the LGBT community doing the same. Since Rick Warren has some place else to go in 2012, he has far more power.

No matter how much the LGBT and supporters community squirms and fumes alongside hostile campers under the big tent, we really have nowhere to go, besides marginalized Third Parties, which most Americans consider quixotic.

Obama and his team can simply turn to us all and say, “Whatcha want? Sarah Palin in 2012? The recriminialization of homosexuality? You can’t get married, but at least you’re allowed to exist, outside prison.”

(Unlike Rwandan and Ugandan gays and lesbians, if they surface enough to get caught.)

Obama will no doubt continue to talk about “our lesbian brothers and sisters,” but why should he give the LGBT and supporters community anything, knowing that we’ve got nowhere to go?

I’m registered Green, since I consider our two party system an inevitably losing game, but Greens are less than 1% of voters in the U.S., and no matter how exasperated Americans become with our Republicrats, few register Third Party or Independent because of our winner-take-all, rather than coalition, system.

Especially now that the Presidential Debate Corporation so tightly controls the presidential election spectacle, excluding all Third Party candidates, and even, in 2004, threatening to arrest Green Party candidate Ralph Nader.

I couldn’t be more opposed to Proposition 8, or more in favor of marriage equality, but I’m hoping that LGBT anger about Rev. Rick Warren’s pro-Prop 8 homophobia and intolerance in California may grow to include opposition to Rev. Rick Warren’s absolute LGBT intolerance in Africa.

This would make a far more powerful argument because Reverend Warren expresses his homophobia far more aggressively in these nations, where LGBT communities are far more vulnerable.

11 thoughts on “Ann Garrison: ‘Where else will the LGBT community, or the anti-war and environmental communities, have to turn in 2012?’

  1. paulie cannoli Post author

    So far the signs are not good, judging by his cabinet choices, and even symbolic indicators like Warrent at the invocation. Did you read the rest of the article at the original blog?

  2. Ross Levin

    No. There are some decent points, but I think it’s one thing to condemn Obama for his choice and another to say he’s unacceptable for 2012. A lot could happen between now and then.

  3. VirtualGalt

    Well Obama’s on record in a bunch of places as saying he opposes gay marriage… but then uses a lot of weasel words on what exactly he does favor.

    Lots could happen between now and 2012, even good things. I’m willing to wait and see.

    But speaking as a gay libertarian, I am not hopeful that Obama’s presidency will represent an advance in liberty, either for the LGBT community or in general.

    It’s true — many say “well McCain would have locked you up, and Palin would have you shot”. I think they might have tried to force me back in the closet.

    Lots of big LGBT money flows to the Democrats. What if anything are they getting for their money?

  4. Steven Druckenmiller

    It’s true — many say “well McCain would have locked you up, and Palin would have you shot”. I think they might have tried to force me back in the closet.

    Yeah, no “they” would not have. If you want to know why LGBT money flows to the Dems, look at the hyperbole you’re using that scares LGBTers from going anywhere else. You’re a “useful idiot” for the Democratic Party, much in the same way that Republicans scare conservatives every single election. “ooogity boogity! Watch out for McCain the Secret Gay-Hater and Obama the Closet-Commie!”

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    You have nowhere to go, so get over it. when the Catholic Trotskyist New World Order arrives, as it may or may not in Obama’s first term, this will be good for the antiwar and environmental movements, but not for GLBT issues.

  6. paulie cannoli Post author


    Don’t paint a bear into a corner unless you are ready to wrestle a pissed off bear.

    Also, I think environmentalists and peace activists won’t be too happy with Obama.

  7. Green Ferret

    My guess is that Obama will deliver what he promised.
    Gays will be equal, but not quite as equal as the rest of us.
    The occupations in the Middle East will continue, but the wars will end because our soldiers will be renamed “trainers”.
    The US will create 5 million new green jobs, while also pouring money into magical “clean coal” and nuclear energy, which is poisonous both from a biological and an economic standpoint. Not to mention offshore drilling. You know, those wind farms are real eyesores, but nothing improves the landscape and the atmosphere like a smattering of oil wells.

  8. Victoria Rudolph

    I’m a lesbian living in Alabama, and I have decided to vote Green in the next Presidential election. The LGBT community has the power in the next election to send a message to the Democrats and force the inclusion of the Green Party in the Presidential debates.

    Why do nothing when we can do something substantial? If the Green Party jumped from 1% to 10%, people nwould be nmore likely to listen to them, and they would have a national forum. Topics that would be avoided by corporate whore A and corporate whore B would suddenly be part of the national dialogue.

    So next time I’m voting Green Party, and I hope that my LGBT brothers and sisters will choose to join me and stop wasting their votes.

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