Susan Hogarth introduces

This is NOT an official site of the Libertarian Party.
It was created by Susan Hogarth, and all inquires about it should be directed to her at

This site exists to discuss the content on the website. The general form is that an article/press release/blog entry from will be reposted here as a story, and open discussion of its merits and ways of improving it will follow in the comments.

Although we are already doing this at IPR and other sites, this one is specifically focused on the Libertarian Party.

11 thoughts on “Susan Hogarth introduces

  1. hogarth

    It’s supposed to be a companion to

    However, now that I check (which I think should redirect to, I get a 403 ‘forbidden’ error. Somehting for the LP webfolks to work on.

  2. Libertarian Joseph

    I didn’t thnk you registered it. yeah, you should definitely redirect that. Most people think .com when they’re trying to type a site in. I make that .com mistake to some sites

  3. hogarth

    LJ, Paulie,

    I suspect we’re talking about different things.

    For some reason I thought I remembered the LP had owned, but apparently it does not:

    But it’s definitely owned by someone.

    I chose .org because I am trying to create a site that reflects on, not

  4. paulie cannoli Post author

    But it’s definitely owned by someone.

    Yes – as far I can tell, someone registered it in 1994 for a period of 20 years. I may be misinterpreting it though.

    I do believe I’ve read that more recently, new rules have been put in place prohibiting the creation of two-letter .coms — but I don’t know if existing ones can still be bought. I imagine it would be expensive, even if they could be.

  5. JimDavidson

    @1 It is not a bad domain choice. Political parties and other organisations should use .org. That’s what it exists for. Very young people may not know about the top level domain system, but it exists for good reasons.

    And, frankly, people who cannot find because they are too stupid to search for what they seek rather than typing in random domain names, or too stupid to think past .com for a domain name, are unlikely to be interested in blogging about

    Frankly, there’s nothing commercial about so it is right as a .org.

    Also, every sentence that occurs in your mind to post here is not necessarily worth posting. You might try reflecting for a full minute before hitting “submit.” Chances are there was something relevant you could have said on some other thread, instead.

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