Top Independent candidates for U.S. House in 2008

Ballot Access News:

In the November 2008 election, five independent candidates for U.S. House competed against both a Democrat and a Republican, and still managed to exceed 10% of the vote. They were:

1. David Krikorian in Ohio’s 2nd district got 17.71%
2. Cindy Sheehan in California’s 8th district got 16.17%
3. Burt Saunders in Florida’s 14th district got 14.49%
4. Carol Miller in New Mexico’s 3rd district got 12.79%
5. Michael Jackson in Louisiana’s 6th district got 11.59%.

Two minor party candidates for U.S. House polled over 10% even though they were both running against a Democrat as well as a Republican. They were both Minnesota Independence Party nominees. They were David Dillon in the 3rd district with 10.57%, and Bob Anderson in the 6th district with 10.05%.

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7 thoughts on “Top Independent candidates for U.S. House in 2008

  1. Sivarticus

    The MNIP had a good year with decent percentages for Dillon, Anderson, and Dean Barkley (Senate). They need to start more aggressive efforts to win state offices like MN House and Senate, in my opinion. I think they could elect at least a couple legislatures in the right areas with their momentum from this year.

  2. Trent Hill


    I think you are correct. Dean Barkley, Bob Anderson, Dillon–all of these men ought to find the State House or State Senate District in which they performed best–and run there.

  3. Trent Hill


    Depends. If they only got 1% in that district and 45% in an adjacent district…Id say you run in the other, if the law allows that.

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