Five candidates compete for Burlington, Vermont mayorship

Citizens of Burlington, Vermont will vote on March 3rd for their next mayor (or they will keep the current mayor).  The mayor right now is Bob Kiss, a member of the Progressive Party.

The candidates running are currenty City Council member Democrat Andy Montroll, independent Dan Smith, Green James Simpson, current City Council President Republican Kurt Wright, and Bob Kiss is running for re-election, as previously reported here.

According to his website, Dan Smith is a Burlington native who has been a law clerk to a justice of the state supreme court and a lawyer, among other things.  One of the more significant changes he wants to bring to the city is the creation of the office of a City Ombudsman.  The Burlington Free Press reports that Smith is the son of  Republican Congressman Peter Smith, and he hopes to run his campaign on about $40,000 raised mostly on the Internet.

Just like Smith, Green Party nominee James Simpson has never held political office.  He is currently the owner of a local business and “does interior renovation work,” according to the Burlington Free Press.  He is very unexperienced, but sees this as a plus, saying, “I’m more like a fresh, new face. I’m out in the city. I see what’s going on.”

A debate between Bob Kiss, Kurt Wright, and Andy Montroll can be viewed here.  The election will be conducted with instant runoff voting, and you can learn more about that here.

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