Greens electing campaign committees

The Green Party National Committee (GNC) is voting on two proposals. If adopted, Proposal 378 will elect members to the Green House Campaign Committee (GHCC). This committee was created by the GNC by adopting Proposal 346. The committee rules, as adopted by the GNC, would seem to imply that a vacancy must be declared at once, and another election held to fill these posts within sixty days since only three candidates have sought the nine seats on the GHCC. Neither the proposal which established the rules for the GHCC, nor proposal 223, which established both the GHCC and the GSCC (Green Senatorial Campaign Committee), says whether write-in candidates will be elected to the committees in the event not enough candidates offer in the first place. The three candidates are: David McCorquodale (Delaware), Ann Link (New York), and Matthew Lavery (New York). Voting at this point shows that write-in candidate choices are being recorded.

Proposal 379 elects members of the GSCC. Unlike the GHCC race, all the slots on the GSCC will be filled as a result of the voting. Seven candidates have run for the seven seats available. These candidates are Anita Wessling (Arkansas), Paul McFarland (Arkansas), Gloria Mattera (New York), Chris Lugo (Tennessee), Ron Hardy (Wisconsin), Deb McFarland (Arkansas), and Josh Krekeler (Ohio). As of this writing there are no write-in votes.

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