Alan Keyes claims Ron Paul learned of Federal Reserve from him

Alan Keyes, in this video, which i’ll embed below, explains his opposition to the Federal Reserve. He claims, at the 1:20 minute mark, that Ron Paul learned of the problems with the Federal Reserve from him.

Dr. Alan Keyes is being lambasted across the blogosphere for this off-handed comment. Rep. Ron Paul has been speaking critically of the Federal Reserve since at least 1976 when he founded his Foundation for Rational Economics and Education. Keyes was only twenty-six at the time, and would not enter public life until 1985.

Rep. Ron Paul is a sitting US congressman from Texas who ran for President as a Libertarian in 1988. He also ran in 2008 and recieved much support from various third parties and third party activists. Dr. Alan Keyes is a former Ambassador and former Senatorial candidate in Maryland and Illinois. He ran for President in 2008 for a number of political party’s nominations, and eventually appeared on the general election ballot as the nominee of the America’s Independent Party.

38 thoughts on “Alan Keyes claims Ron Paul learned of Federal Reserve from him

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    For the record: Alan Keyes ran as a Republican, then an independent, then for the Constitution Party nomination, then back to being independent, then launched his America’s Independent Party and got on the ballot in 3 states, one of which was California–a stolen ballot line.

    To his credit, though, he is pretty good in that video. If he is, indeed, against the Central Bank and for the Gold Standard–he isnt as bad as I thought. Bad, just not AS bad.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    I dont think he sounds like he’s joking, but I DID put in that it was an off-handed comment, and it may have been a simple mis-speak. But the blogs are afire about it and it has a third-party connection.

  3. joe

    Keyes can’t fit into Dr. Paul’s jock strap. If you get rid of the IRS you replace it with nothing. Pure and simple. The fair tax is a tax (near 25 percent) that will be boor on the backs of average working men. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. He’s nothing but a hack for the establishment. He knows the public hates the IRS. He’s nothing but a controller. Everything he says is spot on, but he wants to tax me at 25 percent? He’s a fool!

  4. CD

    would you people lighten up and get a sense of humor? He was joking. RP got a shout out there because Alan obviously say all of us there.

  5. RaferJanders

    I am still laughing, Keyes Oh now you are saying you told Ron Paul about the Fed, “He got it from You” ha ha ha ha, Yeah ok Alan, Drop a name and get attention, You are a joke MmmK, but hey anything for attention, “Those things happen togeather in a 4 or 5 year time span”
    So which is it Alan?

  6. Sean

    I think it is an issue with people whose name starts with “Al” to make off the cuff comments. I invented the internet. I opposed the federal reserve first.

    Actually, I don’t think this attitude on Keyes’ part is new, at least I got the impression from the Keyes group at the CP convention that they were the true trailblazers and that RP was just following in Keyes’ shadow. What was that about — something to do with a constitutional view, I’m thinking. Wish I could remember the details. Ah, senility…

  7. Trent Hill Post author


    Keyes believed that he’d been in the “constitutionalist” fight longer than Dr. Paul, and actually told a crowd gathered there that Dr. Paul was a “Johnny-come-lately” to the constitutionalist movement. Hilarious. Someone brought up that Paul has voted the same way on everything since 1976, and that Keyes was not even in politics then–and he just moved on to another subject.

    But honestly, I didnt make this thread to bash Keyes. Just to get in on the blog traffic that the “controversy” is creating. Some say he was joking, most say it was a misspoken and off-handed comment, and some say he was deliberately lying. Im on the second, and maybe the third, opinion. It doesnt appear to me that he was joking.

  8. Trent Hill Post author

    But to his credit, good for him for being pro-gold and anti-Central Bank.

  9. Sean

    Agreed — good for him to be pro-gold and anti-Central Bank. But I think that while it may be an off-hand comment, it is a thinking that is common within his team…

    Thanks for the memory — I am truly starting to get fuzzy on that stuff..

  10. Donald Raymond Lake

    Trent is right. The Dems and GOP are corrupt and unpatriotic. We non Dems and non GOP must rise above the lack of ethics of the ‘truck in a ditch’ establishment. Keyes’ back ground is suspect no matter his political pronunciations.

  11. Mike Theodore

    He’s joking, but that doesn’t help the fact that he’s crazy. This is an informal atmosphere, where people are prone to jokes (many times bad ones). Many times, it’s jokes in these atmospheres that kill politicians.


  12. John C

    Well, Keyes was running in 1996 and 2000 for the GOP on a Constitutionalist platform. IMHO he won every debate I saw in 2000 and made GWB look like the idiot he is. I briefly supported him in 2000 before Harry Browne helped me realized I was a Libertarian. I have gone from a conservative libertarian in 2000 to probably the Most Radical of Radicals these days.

    While I pretty much think Keyes is a nut and no longer support him in any way, I have to admit he was the only Constitutionalist voice in the major parties back in those 96-2000 runs.

    While Ron Paul was first, he last ran for POTUS in ’88 and then ( outside of libertarian circles and his established fan club, survival people,etc) was not really on a national stage for the next 20 years. In 2000, like Paul in 2008, Keyes was often the only limited government guy in the race/debates and was treated the way Paul was in 2008 by the press and opponents. He also stayed in longer than all the “serious” candidates and had some decent numbers in later primaries when it was basically him against GWB. Sound familiar at all?

  13. Trent Hill Post author

    John C,

    I agree on both points, that Keyes is crazy and that he was a good influence on the 2000 run. In 96 Buchanan was running and was better than KEyes on the issues and wasnt as crazy,lol.

  14. Trent Hill Post author

    Trade, and thats it, in my opinion.

    Buchanan is also better on civil liberties, gold, the federal reserve (all of which he has made into major issues).

  15. Dave

    1. He wasn’t joking. He said Dr. Paul “got it from me”, and said it nervously (because he knew it wasnt true) and then tried to make up for his deception by saying “and I got it from others”.

    2. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. The Great Depression was NOT the first thing the Federal Reserve did. The first thing they did was hyper inflate the money supply which created the “roaring 20s”.

    3. I was always skeptical of this guy as he seemed like an opportunist. Now I KNOW that is exactly what he is. He makes me sick.

  16. Dave


    The “Roaring 20s” was the first consequence of the Federal Reserve due to the extreme increase in the money supply. He can’t even get his facts straight.

  17. Don Grundmann

    I once had the greatest respect for Alan Keyes but I now know him to be a corrupt-to-the-bone liar and fake. His so-called ‘ America’s Independent Party ” is founded on total corruption as represented by himself and its senior ” leaders,” Tom Hoefling and Mark Robinson. Keyes talks about the ” Fair Tax ” which is total fake to draw attention away from the real solution which is the abolishment of both the FED and the IRS. Keyes is, as usual, simply seeking his own aggrandizement and using the issue to draw in suckers to support him while having zero intention of fighting the true fight to bring a real solution. He is a fake from start to finish.

    Don Grundmann Vice-Chairman American Indpendent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  18. Scott Harmon

    I don’t know whether Keyes was joking or not on the claim. Perhaps, he’s just hallucinating. But he does put out the message well, with his sharp rhetoric. I don’t know how he could be pro “Fair-Tax” and “anti-Fed” at the same time. Could be a foil. In the past, I have viewed him this way–as a foil or distraction to the most important issues or solutions. Maybe, he’s just a professional foil.

  19. Athan

    Ron Paul Revolutionary here; I saw the segment and it does sounds like he was joking. I think this is just an attempt to discredit Alan just like the msm tried to discredit President Paul as a kook.

    Subtlety, it seems more like either Keyes was trying to say he learned it from Dr. Paul, or he was trying to plug his his name.

    Lets all go back to throwing snowballs where they belong.

  20. Freedom4America

    Hi Fellow Patriots,

    We do believe that Mr. Keyes was joking but even if he isn’t what does it matter?

    It is a partial Neocon that is getting the word out about Dr. Paul, with a sound bite, and getting rid of the Fed.

    Correct us if we are wrong. Wasn’t the Neocon Interventionist Foreign Policy in Keyes’ platform?

    Now if we could just get more Neocons to start preaching what Dr. Paul has been living most of his life. That would be a dream come true.

    Ron Paul/Rand Paul 2012

    That is HISTORY that We The People would love to get behind!!

    “Switch to Gold, the Fed WILL Fold”

  21. Catholic Trotskyist

    President Paul? Huh?
    Alan Keyes may well indeed be part of the Naderite/Republican conspiracy against Obama and Catholic Trotskyism, while Ron Paul is, as far as I can tell, unsure about which side to take on such issues, but he did help get Obama elected.

  22. Louella

    Catholic Trotskyist – McCain supporter, huh? I’m sorry for you. Go back to bed and cover your head with your blankie.

  23. John

    I think Dr. Keyes is too smart and when you mix that with bravado, it makes a caustic mix.

    Insane? I’m not trained to diagnose.

    I know one thing, in 2000 he was whipping everyone’s $%# in the RNC debates.

    I’ll take 1 Alan Keyes over 20 RINO’s who say they’re for less government.

  24. John

    Catholic Trotskyist

    Apparently Catholic for you is the original meaning of Universal and not Christ’s Church. Please let the rest know you are not Catholic as it is known now.

  25. Bill Goode

    Alan Keyes belongs on the political trash heap. His interruptions in the election debates last Fall demonstrated his extremely poor manners. We can’t have a president with such poor manners. There were other candidates, including Ron Paul, that got as little time as Alan Keyes, but they kept their manners. Now Alan Keyes wants to claim credit for Ron Paul’s knowledge about the economy. Alan Keyes is simply a conservative opportunist. We don’t need his type. We need people with manners and genuine, honest intentions. That’s not Alan Keyes. Keyes was not joking when he made the comment. It was an off hand comment. How does Alan Keyes know where Ron Paul gets his knowledge? Alan Keyes is just trying to grab onto Ron Paul’s coattails here. He knows his career has been sliding down for years toward the trash heap and now he thinks he sees a chance to grab onto Ron Paul’s coattails and pull himself back out of oblivion. Send Alan Keyes back to oblivion where he resided for 15 or 20 years after his obscure ambassadorship. We don’t need him.

  26. Jack

    “He’s joking, but that doesn’t help the fact that he’s crazy”
    Are you listening to yourself people?
    “… I now know him to be a corrupt-to-the-bone liar and fake”
    That appears to be strong, reasonable and thought through argument, isn’t it?
    Even better then the one that depicted Ron Paul as racist supported by KKK.
    You are dismissing Alan the same way others were dismissing Ron. Are you still wondering why Americans didn’t elect him? Since even you who back Ron Paul are arrogants what did you expect from the rest of the country. SAD

  27. Don Grundmann

    ” “… I now know him to be a corrupt-to-the-bone liar and fake””

    Response : The full explanation of the actions of Alan Keyes and why I, as a former supporter of him, can express the above commentary will soon be found at Wherever and whenever political fakes are located; be they Al Gore, Bill Clinton, or anyone else; they must be exposed. The cause of freedom and the restoration of our Constitution can never advance when we have self-aggrandizing traitors in our midst who pretend to be one thing while their actions are completely different and in total opposition to the founding principles of our nation. Alan Keyes can be appropriately dismissed because, in his case, reality is completely different from the fictional character which he has built. I can disagree with Ron Paul on issues but with the solid foundation that he tells the truth. In complete contrast Alan Keyes is a outright fraud and liar. The evidence will clearly demonstrate this via his own actions.

    Don Grundmann Vice-Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  28. Luke

    for all of those attacking the fairtax. The fairtax is a 23 percent sales tax that will replace the income taxes and several other taxes. Then all working class families will recieve a rebate for the taxes they payed on neccessities. All the economic studies so far have determined that the revenue taken in would be equal. It would just take away power from the irs.

  29. paulie

    The fairtax is a 23 percent sales tax

    False. This is based on a disingenuous calculation method. It’s 30% over and above the non-tax price of the sale item, thus 23% of the price when the tax is included. However, 30% is probably still far too low, since it’s likely to be even higher than that.

    that will replace the income taxes and several other taxes

    Nice theory, but in reality we would probably end up with both income and sales taxes. It’s a lot easier to pass a new tax than it is to get rid of an old one. And even if you got rid of it temporarily, it would almost certainly come back.

    Then all working class families will recieve a rebate for the taxes they payed on neccessities.

    So it’s actually a huge welfare program, too.

    But that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this evil scheme.

    All the economic studies so far have determined that the revenue taken in would be equal.

    Why would that be a good thing if true? We want the revenues cut as much as possible, as well as the spending.

    It would just take away power from the irs.

    And who would enforce it, the easter bunny?

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