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Constitution Party: Tax day is over; now what?


by Mary Starrett
Constitution Party Communications Director
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Reposted to IPR by Paulie

April 15th protests throughout the country showed us that furious Americans can and did mobilize against government tyranny.

Now what?

For many at Tea Parties throughout the U.S. that marked the end of their activism. They have returned to their apolitical lives and will not make another political peep until 2012.

Others however, are reenergized. The fire in their bellies is now stoked and ready to be fanned into a political wildfire the likes of which we’ve not seen in our lifetime.

There will be those who say “what good did it do, what difference will it make to stand up to big government?”

Another group will be more committed than ever before to their belief that living under government oppression is for other people, in other countries, and not for us, here in America.

The lily-livered and easily discouraged have already proven they will not fight to live free.

They’ve compromised by voting for what they abhorred and excused those who tightened their chains and flogged them while saying to their masters, “Sir, may I please have another?”

Political activism doesn’t have to take a lot of money. It can cost as little as a postage stamp or as much as a sizeable donation to a political organization that fights your battles for you every day.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It’s something that can be done from home, on a computer, in holey sweats and bathrobes.

The challenge each of us faces is this: Will I do something today, this week, this month that will stymie the forces hell-bent on enslaving me?

Will I look at what’s happening in my state house and support those legislators who try to hold back the tide that threatens my freedom? Will I dog those who challenge my liberty with yet another destructive bill or usurious tax?

Will I call a talk show and give the host an earful if he doesn’t offer a forum that includes my position?

Will I read a news story and write a letter to the editor instead of cursing the darkness on the page before me?

Will I refuse to vote, yet again for someone who doesn’t conform to my positions no matter what the “don’t waste your vote on a lesser known candidate” crowd says?

The next four years will likely mark the end of our republic unless we breathe some of that fire that’s in our bellies into action.

Daily indications show that the duopoly in D.C. will still be pushing the exact same agenda despite the illusion that there are differences between the 2 parties in power.

Former GOP presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney this week encouraged his party to pass “immigration reform” (read amnesty) in order to attract more minorities to the all but dead party.

Romney, who talked tough on the illegal immigration issue during his campaign for president while employing illegal Guatemalans to mow his lawn, just said “we have a natural affinity for Hispanic-American and Asian-American voters.

He encouraged his party to become more inclusive in order to gain political victory in 2012.

Memo to Mitt: Americans want illegals to get out and stay out.

The Boston Globe reports that “hot button” issues like illegal immigration and abortion “are growing cold.”

While RNC Chairman Michael Steele pushes the pro-abort agenda and the party faithful get more discouraged, it’s apparent that “ hot button” issues like immigration and abortion have not grown cold so much as they’ve been left on a back burner and ignored by those who pretend to be the “conservative” party.

The GOP doesn’t get it, even after the flogging the party endured in the last election. Constitutionally-minded Americans don’t want a further shift to the middle lane or the left lane. They want a hard turn to the right.

Those with belly fire have not left tea parties to go home and sip tea.

They’ve just begun cooking up a strong brew the power elite will have a hard time swallowing.

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    I refer to these party as these are the closest to libertarian ideas then the other parties.

  2. steamer steamer April 17, 2009

    Read the tea act of 1773 and get to the implications…its not taxes its unequal protection under law. Connecticut colony had a charter that granted most governmental functions including limited taxation…what the indies company did is no different than what 42,000 registered lobbyists do in DC every year…get special interest not public interest legislation passed.

    As for immigrants…let the govt check all records on file at any business..a few owners of big corporations go to jail and that will be the end of it.

  3. mdh mdh April 16, 2009

    I know what I’ll be celebrating on 4/20… 🙂

  4. Fred Ralston Fred Ralston April 16, 2009

    I held out a lot of hope for the tea party movements, but that was wishful thinking. Flash in the pan. I agree that some kind of momentum needs to be done to maintain any sort of coherent drive and message. And I want to be active!

    So I did something on tax day that for me was rather bold. I finally abandoned hope for the LP, a party I have been a part of for many years but recently have been way too disenchanted. I don’t know if it’s more of a protest at the way third parties are handled, but I cast my lot with the Modern Whigs. I know, I know… Whigs. At first I thought they were just a group of right wingers, but a closer look showed some positive direction as a compliment to the liberty movement. It may founder, but at this point I am ready to give these newby kids a chance to wow me. Thanks for letting me vent.

  5. paulie paulie April 16, 2009

    Well geez guys… if one really needs a reason to protest, how about Hitler’s birthday on April 20th? NOBODY liked him!

    Pretty sure the nazis will be rallying, but I don’t like them and they don’t like me.

  6. David David April 16, 2009

    Catholic Trotskyist, are you ok? Sometimes you are brilliant and sometimes you can barely make English sentences.

  7. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist April 16, 2009

    It’s all in vain. Taxes will always be here, especially as the world government takes office. The key is to protest the things you don’t agree with that are being taxed, such as the war.

    On another topic, it seems that TPW is gone, completely. Strange, as I had decided to make that site my own, posting my latest books in the comments section of the last article.
    My new books will be entitled “The Book of Signs and Visions of the Most Holly Messenger of the Lord” and “Liberal Conservative Libertarian Socialism: A Secular Introduction to Catholic Trotskyism.” No matter, I will post on my own blog where it belongs.

  8. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 16, 2009

    Well geez guys… if one really needs a reason to protest, how about Hitler’s birthday on April 20th? NOBODY liked him!

  9. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson April 16, 2009

    April 19th, Patriot’s Day, the celebration of the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

  10. Steven R Linnabary Steven R Linnabary April 16, 2009

    Why wait so long? Today is General Coxey’s birthday. The annivaersary of his march on Washington is coming up.'s_Army

    Confederate Memorial Day is coming, I wouldn’t do it, but a CP’er might.

    Tax Freedom Day is coming, let our children know they’ll NEVER see one this early in the year again.

    Heck, the “Shot heard around the world” anniversary is only a couple days off.

    There are many reminders that a person or group can use before the 4th. Besides, most folks have family things going on that day.


  11. matt webb matt webb April 16, 2009

    lets have another protest on july 4th.

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