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Nader, Begley Jr. Talk Environment at Valley Forward

Ralph Nader and Ed Begley Jr. appeared at Livability Summit Thursday, hosted by Valley Forward. They delivered a message of optimism and struggle, in the tough times we face today. Here’s an excerpt:

Each put a hopeful front on a movement that both have been involved in for decades, but said there are plenty of pitfalls — including a world economy mired in a recession — that can stall it out.

Nader, a consumer advocate and former Green Party presidential candidate, said the current sustainability movement has gained more traction than it has in the past. “The only question is how quickly the ecological footprint expands,” he said.

There are myriad companies Nader contends are greenwashing — using claims of sustainability that are difficult to verify or dubious in an effort to market products. But as companies notice they can hawk products with green claims, they also notice that being green is saving money, he said.

You can read the full article here. Source: Phoenix Business Journal.

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