News from two different kinds of Boston Tea Parties

Over at, Jim Davidson writes

It is with a heavy heart that I report that one of our vice presidential candidates in 2008, Marilyn Chambers, has passed away.

Her story here.

Today we have 1,339 members on this site. We have 1,297 members of our largest Facebook group. Please ask your friends and family to join our party – committed to a smaller government on all issues and at all levels.

Many Tax Day Tea Parties are planned for this week, and another round of End the Fed rallies are planned next week. Get involved. The freedom you save might be your own.

Meanwhile, Carla Howell, a former Libertarian Party candidate who got 12% of the vote against Ted Kennedy for US Senate in 2000 and ran End The Income Tax initiatives in Massacusetts in 2002 and 2008, delivered this speech on April 15, 2009 at the TEA Party Event in Boston:

“I did NOT come here to Protest.

“I did NOT come here to try to change the minds of Democratic or Republican officeholders in Washington – or on Beacon Hill.

“I came here to change politics in America – just like the American Patriots who gave us the first Boston Tea Party.

“The Original Boston Tea Party was NOT a Protest.

“Let me say that again: the Original Boston Tea Party was NOT a Protest.

“The Patriots did NOT just hold up signs, give speeches, and complain.

“The Patriots stopped British ships from unloading Monopoly British Tea – their version of AIG.

“The American Patriots blocked the collection of taxes.

“That is why the Boston Tea Party mattered – and why we remember it today.

“Because it was direct political action, not just protest.

“And it was action that made government smaller.

“Those great American Patriots realized that
what they said and what they wrote – changed nothing.

“But action changes everything.

“Not just any action. Action that shrinks Big Government.

“They were right!

“Deeds, NOT just words.

“Direct political action, NOT just protest.

“Action that moves us forward, that moves us closer to small government – NOT the no-win strategy of holding the line, or just opposing more Big Government.

“This is the lesson of the first Boston Tea Party.

“Now it is our turn to live the lesson.

“Let me ask you a few questions.

“Do you believe that the Wall Street bailout is insane?

“Do you believe that the massive federal government borrowing is hurting your business and your family?

“Do you believe that government is too big?

“Do you believe government debt is too high?

“Do you believe government spending is too high?

“Do you believe taxes are too high?

“Now let me ask you the questions inspired by the Original Boston Tea Party:

“Are YOU willing to take political action?

“Are YOU willing to END the Big Government Insanity – and start voting to make government smaller than it is today?

“Are YOU willing to vote against every Big Government candidate – in every election?

“Now here’s the really hard question: Are you willing to vote against them even when you hate the other Big Government candidate more?

“Are you willing to vote FOR small government candidates and FOR small government ballot initiatives?

“Most political candidates who tell you they’re against Big Government, who tell you they are for ‘smaller government’ talk your way — and vote the opposite. They vote for tax increases, debt increases, spending increases, and more Big Government programs. They vote for each year’s higher government spending. Their votes raise your taxes.

“The only way we can protect ourselves against these phonies and fakers is to ASSUME THAT EVERY ELECTED OFFICIAL IN AMERICA IS GUILTY OF VOTING BIG GOVERNMENT – UNTIL OR UNLESS HE PROVES HIMSELF INNOCENT by showing you his voting record. By proving to you that he voted small government while in office.

“Are you willing to vote against every officeholder who refuses to show you their voting record?

“To reclaim the American Dream, we must vote out every Big Government officeholder in our federal, state, and local governments. Every one. Democrat AND Republican.

“But we must NOT stop there.

“We must vote FOR candidates who campaign for, promise, and vote to reduce and remove today’s Big Government social and economic programs – and GIVE BACK EVERY DOLLAR SAVED TO THE TAXPAYERS.

“We must vote for candidates who campaign for, promise, and vote to reduce and END government borrowing, reduce and remove government overspending and waste. Starting now. Small government candidates who will give back every dollar saved to the taxpayers.

“We must vote for small government candidates.

“We must vote FOR ballot initiatives that shrink Big Government.

“Candidates and ballot initiatives that cut or end taxes.

“Candidates and ballot initiatives that drive down today’s Big Government spending.

“Just protesting Big Government will never give us what we want. Voting against Big Government will. Voting FOR Small Government will.

“Every Election. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.

“This is the ONLY way we can fulfill the promise of the Original Boston Tea Party.

“I’m Carla Howell. I head the Center For Small Government. We’re on your side. Please join us.

“Because ‘small government is possible’.”

Posted by Paulie.

11 thoughts on “News from two different kinds of Boston Tea Parties

  1. paulie Post author

    Media coverage of the passing of Marylin Chambers

    Many mainstream media sources have ignored the passing of Marilyn Chambers, but it’s great to see that those who have recognized her this week have had so many positive things to say about her film work as well as her political involvement. Here are some examples from a few publications that have reported on her passing this week.

    After profiling her film career, Reason Magazine “Hit & Run” said this of her libertarian activism:

    In 2004 she ran for vice president on the Personal Choice ticket, a spinoff of sorts from the Libertarian Party. She was later involved in the Boston Tea Party, another Libertarian offshoot, and in some states she served last year as the BTP’s vice-presidential candidate.

    The Canadian Western Standard has published two pieces covering her death. The first called her “a champion of free speech, among other libertarian values.”

    The second, posted last night, quoted the Boston Tea Party chair:

    To Marilyn Chambers, liberty was about a lot more than politics. She did everything with a revolutionary, libertarian attitude. (I am sure the fans of her films would emphasize that word ‘everything.’)

    She exemplifies a complete libertarian, and she will be missed by many in our party and the international libertarian movement.

    Smaller Government, Bigger Boston Tea Party

    Perhaps as people filled out their tax forms this week, they remembered again just how fed up they are with big government. I have had a full inbox every day this week with BTP members eager to get involved in actively supporting the party and starting some new affiliates.

    We have affiliates in Alabama, California, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Texas. At the contact page, you can get in touch with your state party’s chair. Or, if your state does not yet have an affiliate, you can contact me and let me know that you are interested in starting one.

    I am excited about the boost in membership we have between the election and today, as well as the many contacts I have received in the past few weeks from new members and prospective members. It is encouraging to see so many people enthusiastic about making the change toward smaller government, even though we have a decent span of time before the next election.

    As I and some other members have emphasized, we need to get active now if we want to be successful in the 2010 elections, and that will set us up to do even better in the big year of 2012. Thank you for all the emails folks. I will keep doing my best to reply to you and help you to help us increase the size and scope of the Boston Tea Party while reducing the size and scope of government!

  2. lia catherine

    I don’t care what size the government is as long as it works and since I take deductions I pay very little in taxes.

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  4. Jim Davidson

    @9 Very droll. You asked what makes her think…in 6.

    In the case of a great many people, no power in the universe seems to be able to cause them to think.

  5. paulie Post author

    Yes, I did ask; but I didn’t suppose.

    Having received no answer, I wouldn’t lay any money on the prospect of thinking being involved in any way.

  6. mdh

    Why think when you can let Big Government do it for you? They obviously are doing such a good job that people don’t even notice how bad a job they’re doing. And won’t. Until it’s too late. 😉

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