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It should have been obvious to me that using KN@PPSTER as a presidential campaign site wasn’t going to work, even from the start. That became more clear to me when I began planning campaign events and had to think about how attendees at those events would react after I (hopefully) wowed them in person, with professional literature, etc., then sent them here.

So, time to head back into “real campaign site” territory. It’s skeletal — I’ve just started populating it with some relatively recent articles and haven’t buckled down to getting my position paper suite together yet — but it’s there (and thanks to an in-kind contributor, the header image is great!).

Some updates:

– This weekend, I’ll be attending the Missouri Libertarian Party’s state convention and hosting a hospitality suite Saturday evening at the convention hotel. If you’re attending the convention, or just happen to be in the Jefferson City area, drop in for a drink and some conversation!

– OK, folks, you’re finally going to get a book out of me. Working title: Unnecessary Evils: Handbook for a New American Revolution. I’m already writing away at it and expect to publish it next spring.

6 thoughts on “Tom Knapp for President campaign update

  1. Bryan

    Good luck in your campaign, but the earliest edge would have to go to you, because…

    ‘If you think that a line-item veto will only affect “real pork,” or that it won’t quickly become a tool for fuckery, you’re naive.”

    I liked the over-all “angle” of this article…but this line had to be the best description of the result I think I have ever seen…

  2. Bryan

    But seriously….

    I realize that your site has just gone up, and we are…oh…3 3/4 years from election day….

    But as you post “campaign” type articles, you may want to do something for a pdf link. I realize that campaign materials are a little premature, but it wouldn’t hurt your cause to make “print only” material available to the press and public.

    If you want to run a serious campaign, and you are not coming from an “establishment” background (ie: former congressman, senator, councilman etc…) it couldn’t hurt to put stuff in the hands of LPers as soon as possible. JMO…take it or leave it…

    Until I have made up my mind for ’12, I will promote anyone who is an legitimate (in my opinion) announced candidate, and spread their literature etc…

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