Wayne Root to keynote Georgia Libertarian Party convention

From a recent press release:

Las Vegas, NV-April 16, 2009– 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root will keynote the Georgia LP State Convention on Saturday April 18th in Atlanta. The convention theme is: “Georgia Libertarians: Revolutionaries from 1775 to 2009!” That’s the perfect theme for a keynote speaker whose newest book will be released on July 4th, entitled: The Conscience of a Libertarian.

This is not the first state convention that Wayne Root has spoken at–in the last month he has headlined Libertarian party state conventions in Nevada and New Jersey. Nor will it be the last state convention he attends this year; he’s slated to address, in the next month, the state conventions of the Georgia, California, Ohio, and Indiana Libertarian parties.

On Wednesday, the day of the “tax day tea party” protests, Root appeared on FOX Business in the morning, on “Morning for Breakfast” with host Alexis Glick and ended the day on FOX Business’ “Scoreboard” with host David Asman. Between those two nationally-televised appearances, Root was a guest on the nationally-syndicated “Jerry Doyle Show”, one of the top ten listened-to talk radio shows in the country.

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