Michael Cavlan appearance on GPW Radio

The program has just ended. It would appear that I had technical difficulties on my end as my attempts to connect to two callers failed. Cavlan called in to the show at about 7:05 EST, so feel free to skip forward to that part of the show. Placing your cursor just under the “C” in Cavlan’s last name should get you to the right spot. You can listen at this link.

8 thoughts on “Michael Cavlan appearance on GPW Radio

  1. Lou Novak

    Michael Calvin makes much of being charged as a coward, yet it was he who first threw out that label in comment 62.

  2. Lou Novak

    As a Nader supporter and member of Greens for Democracy and Independence and a Detroit Green local member and a GPUS National Delegate I’ve experienced some of the Green Party than Michael and Dorrie describe. Yet, I and many others like me are still with the party. Go figure.

  3. Michael Cavlan


    Do not try and school me on the Green party of Ireland. especially using the corporate media as your source.

    Funny thing is, activists, environmentalist and social justice activists in Ireland, and specifically Commantacht Na Glas (Green Party of Ireland) have said the exact same thing..

    So Lou, how many seats did the Irish GP gain in the last election?

    Answer, they LOST about 33% of their seats and support by going into coalition with Fianna Fail, which is a right wing, pro-corporate political party.

    Mr Novak, it does indeed sound very familiar.

    So how many GDI members are left in the GP?

    Kat Woods, Liz Arnone, Kristin Olson, John Murphy and countless others have left because we all se the STRUCTURAL problem with the GP.

    Yet you remain and simply attack me and my positions.

    Why do you remain in the GP since you know the structural issues?

    Lou, we are far from being the only ones to leave..

    yet instead of dealing with that, you attack and smear. They seem to have gotten to you Mr Novak.

    The GP is corrupted to it’s very core, just like the Rethuglicans and Democlaps.

    Unless of course Kat Woods is a nut job and Greg Gerritt is a saint.

    which you and i both know is not true..

    So why stay and attack GDIers who have left Lou..

    Proposition 269 would have been the time to stand up..

    You did not..

    Buh bye

  4. Michael Cavlan

    Lou Novak

    Just had a thought.

    do not respond to this. Please. No point.

    I will stop being dragged into infighting and petty back and forth attacks.

    I have found a group of dedicated activists with whom I and others can work with.

    You do your gig and we will do ours.

    Good luck with your ventures, go with God.

  5. Lou Novak

    Michael Cavlan

    I’d like to take your advice but I can’t let your ‘opinion stated as fact’, non sequiters and false charges stand.

    I don’t try to school you on the Green Party. I’m speaking to the other readers of this forum.

    I posted a link to that particular article not for the election results but for this quote: “In my view she is addicted to the politics of opposition and appears reluctant to move beyond that comfort zone.”

    While you may see this as an attack (a classic case of projection IMHO), I see it as a refutation of your position. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    As to Prop 269: ‘Approval of Paul Culley, GPoNYS, for GPUS Finance Committee’, I’m not sure what it has to do with the discussion at hand. I assume you’re referring to some other proposal and while I don’t expect you will go look it up, you might want to check the list archives before you again falsely state my position or actions.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck to you as well.

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