Impending US Supreme Court Decision on Voting Rights Act

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution Story on Impending U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Voting Rights Act

The June 21 Atlanta Journal-Constitution has this story on the impending decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on the constitutionality of part of the Voting Rights Act. That decision could come on June 22, and must come no later than June 29.

It is a sad commentary that Georgia’s Secretary of State can say that Georgia has no voting rights problems, when Georgia has kept all minor party candidates for U.S. House off the ballot in regularly-scheduled elections ever since 1943. Even the Libertarian Party, which is recognized as a qualified party for statewide office only, has never been allowed to place a candidate for U.S. House on the ballot in a regularly-scheduled election (the requirements for special elections are far easier, and a Libertarian once ran in a special election for US House).

Georgia also has a voting rights problem with its statewide ballot access laws. No statewide minor party or independent candidate petition has succeeded in Georgia since 2000.

Part of the reason that Secretary of State Karen Handel can say that Georgia has no voting rights problems is that the minor parties in Georgia have not been actively agitating about the problem.

4 thoughts on “Impending US Supreme Court Decision on Voting Rights Act

  1. Donald Raymond Lake

    “mangomango buzzed up: McCain: Obama has ‘done well’ as president so far (AP) —17 seconds ago ”

    [Well of course, this is basically George W’s third term. When will we learn? Dems and the GOP are not all that different!

  2. Third Party Revolution

    Of course the Democratic and Republican Party are the same thing.

    Democratic comes from the word Democracy, which originates from Ancient Greek and means “rule by the people”.

    Republican comes from the word Republic, which comes from the Latin word “res publica” meaning public thing, in this case public rule.

    Even the meaning of the words are the same.

  3. Mik Robertson

    I have heard it characterized that the differences between the Greek Democracy and the Roman republic were about as significant as the differences between Zeus and Jupiter.


    Greetings all,

    It is not quite accurate to say that the Georgia LP has not been active in pursuit of a remedy to our fair state’s draconian ballot access laws. Over here at Bludgeon & Skewer we’ve been in contact with the Sec States office as a result of several letters, ( yes letters, check the Fresh Loaf Blog for a copy of Letter #1) we’ve sent concerning a proposal to institute some form of electronic petitioning here in Georgia to ease the burdens of placing candidates on the ballot for other than statewide races. As the Georgia LP is a recognized “Political Body”, we already have access to statewide races such as the Governorship, Insurance Commissioner, Ag Commissioner, etc, but still have to petition to run candidates for the Georgia State House, Georgia Senate ect.

    While our first letter the Sec State received a very sluggish response, our second letter netted a phone call from none other than the Director of Elections, Wesley Tailor. We’ll post it up at Bludgeon & Skewer as soon as it rolls in. For more info on the ongoing ballot access campaign, stop by and read for yourself. Then pick up your keyboards and get busy.

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