Ralph Nader on Democracy Now on Tuesday, June 2nd

This Tuesday, Ralph Nader appeared on the nationally broadcasted television and radio show Democracy Now!, hosted by Amy Goodman.  He appeared alongside Professor Harley Shaiken to discuss the bankruptcy of General Motors, and he briefly discussed his accusations of bribery against Terry McAuliffe, the leading candidate in the upcoming Democratic primary for governor of Virginia.  The videos are posted below.

Part 1: General Motors

Part 2: Terry McAuliffe

4 thoughts on “Ralph Nader on Democracy Now on Tuesday, June 2nd

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    This obsession with Terry McAuliffe is meant to disguise the fact that Pig Piggy Criminal Nader and McAuliffe are best friends. McAuliffe nearly led the noble Democratic Party to destruction during his time as chairman, during Bush’s first term. This was not an accident. This was because McAuliffe was recruited by Nader, the mastermind of the Republican Bush/McCain fascist/stalinist criminal New World Order zionist conspiracy. Nader personally ordered his own ballot access in some states to be sabotaged, but made sure this was secret and did campaign for ballot access to make it look like he actually wants to win, rather than his real purpose, sabotaging the Democrats and bringing Bush into office. Now McAuliffe is trying to sabotage the growing Virginia Democratic party. If McAuliffe unfortunately wins the primary, I predict he will either drop out of the race the week before the election, or switch to the Republican party, before or after the election. McAuliffe and Nader are mortal enemies of Catholic Trotskyism, working together, and never believe the propaganda that they sling against each other.

  2. DebbieKat

    Catholic Trotskyist – What are you talking about? And how might you have come by such information if it was true? This is a ridiculous accusation. Nader has no power over anyone in the Democratic party. And they do a pretty good job of quickening their own demise without any outside help.

  3. Michael Cavlan


    Catholic Trotskyist has some, lets be kind and say “strange” ideas about the world.

    Ask him about his theories on the grand Catholic, Trotsyist, Obama, Fringe Fusion Ticket Alliance.

    He appears to be quite serious and sincere about his rather garbled thoughts.

    Strange but harmless.

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