Rhode Island Moderate Party Makes Headway

from Ballot Access News
Rhode Island Moderate Party Makes Headway

July 23rd, 2009

The Moderate Party, currently working to get 23,589 valid signatures so as to qualify as a “political party” in Rhode Island, says it has now collected 10,000. This is the largest number of signatures any minor party in any particular state has collected this year. At that rate, the party should be qualified in perhaps three more months.

Currently, Rhode Island has no ballot-qualified parties other than the Democratic and Republican Parties. The Rhode Island Green Party lost its “party” status in November 2004.

9 thoughts on “Rhode Island Moderate Party Makes Headway

  1. Robert Milnes

    Kimberly, you quote from B.A.N. Are you aware I requested Richard & I to speak at the GP ANC which starts today in Durham, NC? This request was denied by Party Secretary.

  2. Donald Raymond Lake

    Rhode Island and Plantations Reform Party has been off the ballot since 2000. May be they could jump in and help the Moderates? They can be focused [Bill Greenwood family] when they want to —– such the as national print house organ. I do not have a clue of late.

  3. Robert Milnes

    Mik, yes, but the link was more to the poster (Kimberly) than to the topic. “Was the denial unexpected?” This is a complicated question. The reason for the denial given was that the request was late & the convention was already virtually overbooked. But I felt that the Strategy should have priority & other alternatives were possible. Like holding a meeting near the Convention during the time period. July 23-26. & I linked Richard & I. If it was just me, denied is my middle name. But Richard was actually mentioned as a possible speaker on GPW.org long before I put in my request. Richard & I discussed this. He expressed an interest in attending but figured it was too late. So I guess it wasn’t unexpected to him.

  4. Mik Robertson

    You could do what Ron Paul did when they would give him any consideration at their convention, hold a separate meeting nearby.

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    Robert, For next year’s meeting I will invite you and I to speak as a debate about Progressive Alliance v. Fringe Alliance strategies.

    I don’t get why Rhode Island of all places has a Moderate Party. The Republicans there are for the most part some of the last moderate Republicans in the country, and the Democrats, though mostly very liberal, have some moderates too.

  6. Andy

    “This is the largest number of signatures any minor ”

    It is pretty pathetic that the Libertarian Party has not done hardly anything this year to regain ballot status in the states where the party is not ballot qualified.

    I urge every Libertarian reading this to donate to LP state parties that do not have ballot status.

    The Libertarian Party of West Virginia had a ballot access drive going but it is currently suspended until more money comes in. Go to http://www.lpwv.org and make a donation so the Libertarian Party can get back on the ballot in that state. Note that in West Virgina you can petition to put candidates on the ballot for both 2010 and 2012 at the same time which is what they were doing.

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