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Rev. Billy Talen for Mayor campaign files 18,395 signatures

A campaign insider reported to me this morning that the Reverend Billy team was on their way to the Board of Elections to file a little over 18,000 signatures. Then, the following e-mail went out on the Reverend Billy “activists” list:

Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 12:58 PM

Sean Haugh sent a message to the members of Reverend Billy Talen for Mayor of NYC activists.

Subject: turning in the signatures

Howdy all!  We’re about to head out to the Board of Elections to hand in the 18,395 signatures gathered by 112 different people to get Rev. Billy on the ballot for Mayor!  Thanks so much for all your help!!

We’ll be celebrating the accomplishment tonight at HQ, at 250 Lafayette in Manhattan.  Hope to see you there!  We switch into full campaign mode tomorrow with the weekly volunteer meeting at HQ at 7pm.

Thanks again so very much for everything you are doing to help Rev. Billy take the message about the Rise of the Fabulous 500 Neighborhoods to the people of NYC!

Sean Haugh

And a follow up announcement:

Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 1:22 PM

Brennan Cavanaugh sent a message to the members of Reverend Billy Talen for Mayor of NYC activists.

Subject: Tues @ 250 Lafayette @ 7

“AND the WVRB [W VoteRevBilly radio] staff will be broadcasting tonight (Cambra@7, Wes@8, Brennan@9) so requestlines will be open…”


  1. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution August 18, 2009

    How much of the voting population of new york city is 18,395 in percent?

  2. Skyler McKinley Skyler McKinley August 19, 2009

    18,000 for a 7,500 minimum.

    Well, that’s hopeful. They’ll probably only need to cure maybe 5 thousand of those, so Billy will certainly be on the ballot.

  3. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 19, 2009

    Skyler, why don’t you volunteer to help his campaign? That way he’d be sure to lose like Gravel.

  4. libertariangirl libertariangirl August 19, 2009

    thats mean Robert

  5. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 20, 2009

    lg, mean? Perhaps. Maybe incorrect too. It implies the skills of a third party/independent campaign manager can be determined by the outcome when it cannot because they are all almost certainly going to lose. By way of explaination…I had a federal defender. His cases almost certainly involve guilty guys. So when I came along, he probably figured here we go again. Another guilty guy. & my job is to do the best with it. & the best was -evidently-a guilty plea for probation. But it took me some time but I figured out how I was actually not guilty & could have got a DISMISSAL! So when I contacted Skyler, he probably figured here is this nobody so my job is to -politely-get rid of him. But actually one of the few possibly winning scenarios was Gravel/Ruwart. But even Gravel probably didn’t realize that. He probably just joined the lp & ran to promote his NI4D & maybe glom onto Ron Paul’s fundraising success. How could he know he stumbled into the correct fusion ticket possibility-left progressive man, left libertarian woman vp? I tried to explain this to Skyler but of course it went right over his head. So if I seem mean or mad, it is because I’ve encountered these situations of lost opportunity. Ok, lg?

  6. Henrik Hansen Henrik Hansen August 23, 2009

    Maybe It will be the most exciting run for mayor in NY since Henry Georges run in 1886. Or maybe not ?

  7. Barry Barry September 13, 2009

    Milnes = old sea captain with sand in vagina.

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