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Wayne Root: ‘How to Solve the Healthcare Crisis Tomorrow!’

How To Solve The Health Care Crisis Tomorrow- The Libertarian Way!
Get The Lawyers OUT!
Get the Government OUT!
Get the Employers OUT!
Get Americans in Shape- with Tax Deductions!

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
“The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns,
Gambling & Tax Cuts”

In my just released book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian” I suggest a simple program to reform healthcare and dramatically reduce costs. Here it is in simplified form:

First, get the lawyers out of the way. Obama wants to spend an extra $1 trillion (or much more) to “save” healthcare. Instead let’s try saving almost $1 trillion in healthcare cost by getting the lawyers out of the way. Almost one trillion dollars is the estimated annual cost of frivolous lawsuits, unjustified jury awards, and doctors practicing defensive medicine. We must enact tort reform, limit damage awards, prevent frivolous lawsuits, and institute a “loser pays rule” to introduce accountability and personal responsibility into our American legal system.

In virtually every democracy in the world, except the United States, the loser of a lawsuit must pay the winner’s legal fees. The fact that we are the lone holdout indicates why the United States has the highest rates and costs of litigation in the world. Reform the lawyers…and you reform healthcare.

But the reason why tort reform is never mentioned by President Obama is because he’s a lawyer; his wife Michelle is a lawyer; his advisors are lawyers; his friends are lawyers; his top contributors are lawyers. Can anyone spell CONFLICT OF INTEREST? No one wants to eliminate lawyers, or lawsuits. In a free society, consumers have a right to sue, and lawyers have a right to represent them. We should zealously protect that right. But we don’t have a right to abuse the system. Our goals should befocused on reigning in abusive lawyers, limit abusive jury awards, and eliminate frivolous lawsuits. That’s how you start the process of healthcare reform Mr. Obama.

Second, get the government out of the way. Repeal all government laws, rules and mandates that prevent American consumers from buying any health insurance policy they want, anywhere in the country. It is government rules, regulations, laws and mandates that make healthcare expensive in the first place. Now Obama wants to solve the problem that government created by adding more government? By adding more government rules, regulations and mandates? Obama suggests that government cure the problems and high costs of government-run healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid) by forcing government to take over all healthcare? He wants to spend an additional trillion dollars to save money? The answer is to allow the American consumer to buy any policy, in any state, that best fits their family’s needs, without government mandating what should be included in that policy.

Third, get the employer out of the way. Allow Americans to choose and own their own health insurance- without the employer involved. Allow all individuals to deduct healthcare costs (starting with the first dollar) directly off their income taxes. This allows anyone to change jobs or employers, without worrying about losing their health insurance.

Fourth, encourage personal responsibility with Health Savings Accounts. Consumers don’t ask government or private insurance to pay for tire changes, oil changes, or minor car repairs. We are responsible for those. So why should government or insurance be asked to pay for every minor medical need, or routine doctor visit? All consumers should be encouraged to save money in a tax deductible Health Savings or Personal Wellness Account designed to pay for minor medical bills and routine doctor visits. A high deductible insurance plan will pay for everything else (the major bills), so consumers are not bankrupted by accident, illness or disease.

Finally, instead of asking Big Brother to punish Americans for bad choices, let’s instead encourage and motivate good behavior with tax reductions. Motivating Americans to exercise and get in shape would save billions of dollars in health costs by reducing the need for doctors and prescription drugs, and preventing disease. How do you do that? Make healthy choices tax deductible. The federal government should make gym memberships, and the purchase of home gym equipment tax deductible. Also, vitamins and health supplements should be tax deductible (from the first dollar). It would save this country (and its taxpayers) billions of dollars to encourage that consumers make healthy choices, thereby reducing the need for expensive doctor visits, medical procedures, or prescription drugs. Shouldn’t we be encouraging people to not get sick in the first place?

On the state level, we should eliminate sales tax for vitamins and nutritional supplements. Americans should be encouraged to make healthy choices that prevent illness and disease, and lower the national costs of healthcare.

If President Obama and our politicians are serious about reducing the national bill for healthcare, then they should encourage Americans to get healthy by reducing taxes for healthy choices. Instead of punishing, mandating or limiting choices- as liberal politicians and Nanny State bureaucrats often do- Libertarians like me want to increase competition in the private sector to lower costs; increase competition on the state level to expand consumer choice; decrease government involvement; and encourage, motivate, and incentivize consumers to make healthy choices by reducing their taxes. That’s the Libertarian way.

Oh and one other thing- put someone in charge of this country who has actually paid for the health insurance of others. Obama and I were college classmates. In the 26 years since we graduated Columbia University, he has never created a business, funded a business, managed a business, created real jobs, or paid anyone’s health insurance. On the other hand, I’ve spent 26 years creating small businesses and jobs, and paying for payrolls and health insurance so that others could live the American Dream. Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change to have someone running the American economy who actually knows what it’s like to run a business, and to pay for the health insurance of others?

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. A detailed explanation of his plan for reducing healthcare costs and solving the healthcare crisis is found in his new book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” The book is available at or at bookstores across the USA. For more of Wayne’s views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at:

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  2. Jonathan Jonathan August 18, 2009

    Michael, suppose someone came up to you and threatened to beat you if you do not give him all your money. Is this not coercion because you have the choice between giving up your money or taking the beating? I say it still is coercion because you are being forced to choose between two alternatives when otherwise you could have avoided both.

    Now, with tax deductions, you are given that choice, pay some taxes to the government, or do something that the government would like you to do. You should be able to do neither of those things. The fact that you have to do one, even though you choose which one, makes it coercion.

    Now consider if someone who has some money he has earned honestly were to generously offer to give you some money provided you spend it doing something he likes. This case is not coercion, because you truly have the choice to reject his offer be no worse off. Do you see how this is different than the government offering to not take your money from you?

    And do you really believe that the base tax rate would be the same whether or not a given deduction is available? In order to achieve the same income, the government would have to charge a higher rate to make up for the deductions. So those who do not take the deductions really are paying more in taxes, to subsidize those who do take the deduction. (And if the government keeps the nominal rate constant, the increase will come in the form of inflation.)

  3. Michael Seebeck Michael Seebeck August 18, 2009

    Uh, No, Jonathan, I wasn’t confused at all. I think you may be confusing coercion and aggression.

    A tax on Service A is levied when Service A is purchased. You are not required to pay a levied tax on Service A if you don’t purchase it. That’s on the front end. The person who purchases Service A is taxed for that purchase, and the person who does not, is not.

    An income deduction on the back end for purchasing Service A still does not require a tax to be paid if Service A was never purchased. All the income deduction does is offset some or all of the purchase from the front end.

    The person who chooses to not purchase Service A does not see an income deduction if they don’t make the buy, but that’s hardly coercion–that’s personal choice. But their taxes are not increased, either, so there is no extra tax on them for not buying Service A.

    Coercion means doing something under duress, under threat of aggression if you don’t. You’re not really given a choice in the matter. However, an income deduction is an incentive to do something, but you still have the choice not to. That’s not coercion at all, and I think that’s where you may be getting mixed up.

  4. Jonathan Jonathan August 18, 2009

    Michael Seebeck, you seem confused about my point. A tax deduction for health care expenses is the same thing as a tax on not having health care expenses. The point where someone is required to do something is where we are required to pay taxes at all, and the tax deduction is the government offering a deal in which they will coerce us less with taxes if we do the thing they want. This is not possible without coercion.

  5. Michael Seebeck Michael Seebeck August 15, 2009

    Thanks, Michael! 🙂

  6. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson August 15, 2009

    @ # 6 6 Michael Seebeck // Aug 14, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Michael, some comments:

    1. If you repeal licensing, how do you determine competency, even at a minimum standard? Most people don’t take the time to rate doctors.

    Agree with you 1000% on the midwifery issue, though.

    MW replies. I have an article around here that deals with that one that I’ll try to locate, but basically you have the different medical associations do the certifications. Presently much that goes on such as the testing of doctors for their license is done by test written by private companies. Thus they stand to suffer the legal penalties if the fail in their certification process. Today you cannot sue the state licensing board for their failure.

    2. Agreed, but that’s not being enforced anyway. My insurance in CA is being administered back east (last state was IL).

    MW replies. Yes I agree. It is easier for the companies that are large to handle the different states bureaus than it is for a small company to get started. And this may be a problem with many different kinds of insurance. This is acomplicated issue to say the least.

    3. Absolutely, including all dental and vision as well.

    4. Can you explain what a certificate of need is?

    MW replies. Certificates of need were once required in all states as I understand it, but the laws have been repealed in all except 26 states. Today in those 26 you need to prove that your medical business will not result in others businesses or hospitals suffering from unnecessary competition that will harm them. Thus do we need two children hospitals in the same city, or is one enough? Or do we need anothe retiremnt center for older people, or do we have enough? It also varies in the different states that still have these laws.

    5. Or make them civilian non-doctors.

    MW replies: This is part of the first point getting rid of one negates the need for the next

    6. All-around so true, even beyond medical practice.

    7. Among other things…

  7. John C John C August 15, 2009

    I still can’t find the book at my local Barnes & Noble. Maybe I’m in the wrong market ( Columbus, OH). Maybe it SOLD OUT!

    Maybe I looked in the wrong sections. Is it fiction? I looked on the featured displays, non-fiction, new arrivals, biographies, political, current events, social,etc.

    I saw books by Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Michelle malkin, Joe Scarborough, Tom Daschle, Waxman, many “conservative manifestos, many “small government” books, Dem healthcare position books, Bill Buckley biographies, and everything thing else prominently displayed. But not a single W.A.R.

  8. Zyskandar A. Jaimot Zyskandar A. Jaimot August 15, 2009

    Because youse are such deep thinkers – if ‘the OBAMA’ was BLACK only on the ‘inside’ not as he appears with NEGROID coloring/features{that is his appearance had Caucasoid features/colouring} WOULD HE HAVE BEEN THE DEMBHOLE CANDIDATE??? Well. Will await your interesting responses.

  9. Zyskandar A. Jaimot Zyskandar A. Jaimot August 15, 2009

    To Michale W. Wilson and others – Considering that i gradeeated much higher in my HARVARD LAW SCHOOL CLASS than ‘the OBAMA’ – although it was a while ago after almost 50 years of law – i feel comfortable in stating that portions of this HEALTH CARE SCAM are indeed unconstitutional and the invoking of the ‘snitch-line’ was a felony violation of the PRIVACY ACT of 1974. The FLY-SWATTER-n-CHIEF CHICAGO COMMIE + mindless MARXIST toadies are the reel STOOPID RACISTS!!! Ha.

  10. Zyskandar A. Jaimot Zyskandar A. Jaimot August 15, 2009


    Zyskandar A. Jaimot, Orlando, Fl., state of STOOPID DELUSIONAL OBAMALAND

  11. At this point, although the debate and spin continue, this bill is essentially dead from an emotional and mandate perspective, even if some version gets passed. Whether it ultimately proves to be of any benefit to society, or a detriment, will take years, if not decades, to appreciate.

    This bill, and virtually anything that might be done to improve our healthcare system, involves too much complexity with which we are emotionally motivated to deal.

    There’s been too much arguing about the details. People can not describe in 2 or 3 sentences the conceptual parameters of the effort and what it is supposed to accomplish. Unfortunately, people can describe how they feel about it in 1 or 2 words, and that’s not good.

    If either side of the debate has to work this hard arguing about something which theoretically should improve the lives of the masses of people, there’s a big problem.

    Even more so than how something is done, people are interested in results, not the details. And once again, as is frequently the case with much of human processing, the facts don’t really matter. How people view the world, what they value, and what they want, matters.

    And there is nothing collaborative in nature about that. Factor in the strong individualistic American DNA, and this effort is emotionally toast.

  12. Donald R. Lake Donald R. Lake August 14, 2009

    Zyskandar, you just keep on posting the truth as you see it! Just make sure that it is truthful, that way others can see your true colors [like voters in Chicago] early and often!

    The problems of democracy can be solved with more democracy! The problems with free speech and open dialog can be solved with more free speech and open dialog!

  13. paulie paulie August 14, 2009

    Root then pushes the notion that wellness steps, including gym memberships, home gym equipment, vitamins, etc., should be tax deductible (one infers against the income tax). There is a lack of contact with reality here. Half of all Americans already pay no income tax.

    I thought he supports a flat tax? Deductions?

  14. George Phillies George Phillies August 14, 2009

    Wayne Root rehashes a series of Republican fairy tales about medical care costs.

    Malpractice insurance firms have historically been bastions of capitalism. They made money for their investors. It is possible to find out what fraction of medical care costs go to malpractice insurance, in part from physicians and in part from hospitals etc. That fraction is very small. The notion that unnecessary defensive tests account for a significant part of medical costs is equally untrue.

    The claim that a trillion a year in medical costs — that’s close to half of all medical care costs — are due to malpractice costs is crazy. You’d have to be an idiot to believe it.

    Root then pushes the notion that wellness steps, including gym memberships, home gym equipment, vitamins, etc., should be tax deductible (one infers against the income tax). There is a lack of contact with reality here. Half of all Americans already pay no income tax.

    Exercise is important. For seven months of the year, I am gardening. In New England, a lot of that is pick and shovel work…the first step to clearing a bed is digging out the 30% of the soil that is solid rock. There are a limited number of steps that do help as preventive medicine, notably regular exercise, not smoking or associating with people who would smoke in your presence, rigorously controlling your weight, and getting a few standard tests on a regular basis. Most of them — other than the stomach surgery for the morbidly obese– cost very little.

    Finally ‘I’m a businessman’ in most businesses needs to be understood as a negative job qualification. It means you are accustomed to being in a hierarchical environment in which people do what you tell them or are fired. Government mostly is not like that. The man who was successful from such an environment, though in a different role, was Ronald Reagan, because Hollywood is totally unionized, and he was accustomed to working with people who needed to be reasoned with, not fired. Someone who had built homes on a large scale has many of the same advantages.

  15. paulie paulie August 14, 2009

    1. If you repeal licensing, how do you determine competency, even at a minimum standard? Most people don’t take the time to rate doctors.

    Competitive private sector evaluation., e.g., Underwriters Laboratories, Consumer Reports, Rate My Professor,, etc…

  16. Michael Seebeck Michael Seebeck August 14, 2009

    Michael, some comments:

    1. If you repeal licensing, how do you determine competency, even at a minimum standard? Most people don’t take the time to rate doctors.

    Agree with you 1000% on the midwifery issue, though.

    2. Agreed, but that’s not being enforced anyway. My insurance in CA is being administered back east (last state was IL).

    3. Absolutely, including all dental and vision as well.

    4. Can you explain what a certificate of need is?

    5. Or make them civilian non-doctors.

    6. All-around so true, even beyond medical practice.

    7. Among other things…

  17. Michael Seebeck Michael Seebeck August 14, 2009

    Jonathan, tax deductions and incentives are not coercion, because nobody is required to do anything. But yes, an across the board tax cut isn’t a bad idea.

    However, Root misses a LOT of points here.

    First, why no mention of the insane malpractice insurance premiums that drive up costs? Sure, tort reform will supposedly lower those costs, but so will patient waivers and annual updated competency testing to maintain licensure. Root misses the malpractice point entirely. How is his plan going to guarantee a cost reduction in malpractice premiums, let alone have it carried through to the consumer?

    Second, while he is correct on getting government out of the way, he lacks any concrete ideas on how to IMPROVE private coverage–open family coverage, where anyone can add anyone else to their coverage if they pay for it, kith or kin, is one big start that would open up a ton of avenues for a lot of people, for example. CDHPs are another way to help, and though he touches on it with HSAs, he doesn’t cover them in enough depth. See also John Mackey’s excellent WSJ column on that, or simply ask me (link is on my recent Twitter and Facebook feed).

    Third, without the employers, how are the HSAs paid for? Tax deductions? OK, but who has the $2K in-pocket minimum to make a HSA worthwhile? How do you implement a tax-deductible HSA? CDHPs (Consumer-Driven Health Plans) like I have and like employers like Whole Foods offers keep costs low to consumers, but the HSA is cost-prohibitive without employers picking up the tab, unless you want your Medicare deductions to go into it instead (not a bad idea, but it’s still dependent on employment!).

    Fourth, I agree with the idea of tax deductions for better health choices, but I like even more the idea of HSA bonuses or premium reductions for the same.

    Last, Root appears stuck in allopathic mode and neglects that holistic, alternative, and complementary care should be included under any health plan, including homeopathy, naturopathy, accupuncture and accupressure, massage, herbalism, and such. That’s not surprising, but it is disappointing, because it is based in a lack of knowledge of those areas and the failure to understand that allopathy run by Big Pharma is simply designed to keep you sick to make them money, rather than actually help one become and stay healthy. It’s the same fundamental mistake of the entire health insurance debate, because nobody is asking two simple questions that Root ought to use his pulpit to actually answer and shift the debate in the proper direction, about front-end health and not back-end health insurance: 1) Why do people need the health insurance in the first place (meaning bad health, not regulations)? 2) What can be done to fix THOSE problems?

    I’ll even give Root a large hint: that trail leads right back to Big Agriculture, pollution of air and water, tax policy, the regulatory Gestapo at the FTC, FDA, USDA, IRS, and EPA. He can read my blog for more hints.

    P.S. I use the term “back-end health insurance” for two reasons: first, because it reflects that health care comes after attempts at being healthy, when made, fail, and second, because health insurance tends to get us on the back-end in terms of cost and lack of quality care.

  18. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson August 14, 2009

    1. Let’s abolish licensing laws. They do little or nothing to protect consumers and were originally promoted to protect the M.D.s from competition. These laws were especially effective at driving midwives out of the marketplace. And today midwives find it difficult to practice in some states. You may wish to check with the AMA, but I believe they passed a resolution at their last meeting to use their influence to outlaw home births. Again intended to reduce competion from midwives who do home births.

    2. Repeal the McCarran-Ferguson Act. As it is now we have 50 states each with their own insurance regulations. This has done nothing but Balkanize the insurance business. With 50 little fiefdoms. The insurance boys love this little Act. A new company has to learn the rules in each of the different states.

    3. A full tax deduction on all medical expenses regardless of the form you file.

    4. Repeal the laws in those states that have certificates of need. Certificates of need reduce competion and drive up costs for patients.

    5. Abolish the state medical boards. They do little or nothing to protect patients. They have been captured by the MDs and are simply a scam.

    6. We need adequate laws to hold people accountable for their actions. This is something we don’t do today.

    7. Repeal the licensing provisiosn for drugs and medical devices.

    I’m sure others can add something to this list.

    And btw Zykandar maybe you’ll wake up some day and realize those laws that are intended to keep black in their place do the same to poor whites. Keeping other groups down and out regardless of the color of their skin are the intended policies of those in power.

  19. paulie paulie August 14, 2009


    That was stupid and racist. We don’t delete comments for content, but I don’t welcome that crap either.

  20. Jonathan Jonathan August 14, 2009

    Your proposed tax deductions, like all other socially motivated tax deductions, are basically the same as taxing people for not doing the things you like. It is just another form of government coercion. If you really want to help people on the issue of taxes, you need to reduce government spending to allow for an across the board tax cut.

  21. Zyskandar A. Jaimot Zyskandar A. Jaimot August 14, 2009

    Gone With the Wind – THE HEALTH CARE SCAM
    cast of characters
    ‘the OBAMA’ as PRISSY the kneegroe maid
    HILLARY of course as MISS SCARLETT
    Veep JOE BIDEN as the comic-fool

    Scene 1 – an evil wind of economic despair and
    exaggerated HEALTH emergencies sweep through this
    nation leaving many people searching on stretchers in despair
    searching for some succor.

    ‘the OBAMA’ as PRISSY:”Ise dunno nothing about HEALTH CARE, or doctors, or eechonomicx, or banks, or autos but Ise can reads from a telepooper. What Ise goin do oh whats Ise goin do???”

    HILLARY as MISS SCARLETT:[Slaps the kneegoe maid]”Shut up fool!!! Just LIE, and LIE, and LIE some more. Those UNIONS + ACORN members are ours – they’ll believe all the you read to them from the telepooper. You can read so what if you don’t speak any truths. Your BLACK that’s all that counts. With this HEALTH CARE SCAM in place we’ll control everything and then watch the money/power we have. Nobody will realize this SCAM for what it is until it’s too late. Just keep saying the conservatives are evil and Nazis and they misrepresent your plan even though we won’t let ‘em see it till it’s passed by our Congressional Commie DEMBHOLES.] STICK WITH THE PROGRAMMED TELEPOOPER LIES. Forget about the doctors overcharging for amputation – BILL should have been cut long ago.”

    Veep JOE’it’s-a-hair-implant-not-a-brain-transplant-rhyorical-flourishes-outta-all-my-edeekated-orifices’BIDEN: “When i was a boy back in Hardscrapple PA. we waz so poor that i fell down a lot on my head. And there was no doctors to treat me. AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?! Doctors who needs em? i take the train everywhere i need to go and thanks for the beer at the WHITE HO– USE on the lawn. Gee that was a great moment in mental health history with all those STOOPID WHITE COPS and that oh-so-intelligent BLACK perfessor. Don’t worry about this HEALTH CARE thing. You just keep getting up when you fall down. WHO NEEDS MENTAL HEALTH CARE??? And i really like that program of turning in those who disagree with us to GET RID OF THOSE MALCONTENTS – THEY DIDN’T VOTE FOR US.”


    Zyskandar A. Jaimot, Orlando, Fl., state of STOOPID LAWLESS OBAMALAND

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