Modern Whig Party on 9/11: Energy Independence & Veterans Affairs

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As a political movement revived by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the Modern Whig Party has not forgotten the events of September 11, 2001 and its immediate aftermath. This national political movement is populated by people from all walks of life and many parts of the mainstream political spectrum. This includes CEOs, teachers, nurses, students, auto workers and law enforcement. In fact, FL congressional candidate Paul C. McKain is a retired firefighter among other professional attributes.

So on this day, we urge people to take a glance at two of our tenets. 1) Energy Independence is particularly relevant because many of our enemies ranging from the Middle East to Venezuela are financed and equipped through our dependence on foreign oil. Along those lines, we should not forget that not too long ago, gas prices were nearly $5/gallon. Gas prices already have crept up again and history has proven that this cycle will only get worse. 2) Veterans Affairs is highlighted in recognition of the sacrifice that our military members and their families endure on a daily basis.

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  1. paulie Post author

    Interesting news item sent to IPR email list….for anyone who doesn’t know, Lebowitz is the Modern Whig Party chair, and Kokesh is a “Ron Paul Republican.”

    I’ll post this after work or tomorrow if no one else does first.

    Nationally Renowned Attorney Joins Kokesh for Congress Team

    WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 – The Kokesh for Congress Campaign announced today that Michael Lebowitz, a highly regarded Washington, D.C. attorney who is nationally renowned for his work in Military Expression and as a distinguished political veteran, has joined the Kokesh for Congress team. “As a fellow Iraq Veteran, I am honored to assist the Kokesh campaign as its legal counsel.” Mr. Lebowitz stated, “Adam is running a truly unique, viable and honorable campaign. I am looking forward to being a part of something that has the potential to really invoke change in Washington.”

    As the Kokesh Campaign prepares for the political battle in New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district, they have also recently contracted with a well-known political C.P.A. firm and electoral strategists, Revolution Consultants. In addition, they have also brought on four new campaign staffers which include a communications director, volunteer coordinator, events director & fundraising coordinator.

    Although New Mexico’s 3rd district is usually considered a safe democratic seat, the unique aspects of Adam Kokesh’s background combined with one of the earliest starts & best-funded Republican congressional campaigns in this district, makes this race one to watch.

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  2. David Marshall

    A trust betrayed?

    The Chief Judge of Congress’s Court of Veterans Appeals stated that the, “Constitution, Statutes and Regulations” are “policy freely ignored” by both “The Veterans Health Administration” and the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), i.e.., the “STATE OF COURT” transcript PARAGRAPH 9 with Congress’s law of the land U.S. CODE, TITLE 38, SECTIONS (§) 511 and § 7252. Decisions of the Secretary; finality; REFERENCES [1], [2] & [3]. This is a no teeth Congressional LEGISLATIVE vs an independent from Congress and the DVA, Judicial Branch Court. The DVA Health Care laymen, “initial adjudicators” still are not held responsible for their “freely ignored” and medically ignorant “Schedule of Ratings for Disabilities” decisions..

    An example of the “initial adjudicators” to date “freely ignored” is this veterans 1957 DVA Physician’s resultant, “MPerR PERMANENT” “SURGEON HQ ARRC JUN 25 ‘58 MEDICALLY DISQUALIFIED FOR MILITARY SERVICE”!

    It is now 15 years later without the Chief Judge’s 1994 advised Congressional oversight. Please hold your U.S. House and Senate members accountable for Congress’s perverted Veteran Care.


    [1] The complete 16 paragraph “STATE OF COURT” transcript is available on request. Previously at, and now missing from the Chief Judges and state_of_court sites: and







    OCTOBER 17-18, 1994

    {as it appears in Veterans Appeals Reporter}”

    ——————–PARAGRAPH 9 of 16 in “STATE OF COURT” TRANSCRIPT records DVA laymen ignoring medical opinion without veteran recourse.—————————–

    “I believe my message is clear. There is, I suggest, no system with judicial review which has within it a component part free to function in its own way, in its own time and with one message to those it disappoints — take an appeal. That is, I am afraid, what we have today in many of the Department’s Agencies of Original Jurisdiction — that is AOJs — around the country. Neither the Court, through the Board, the Board, nor the General Counsel has direct and meaningful control over the Agencies of Original Jurisdiction. Indeed, it is also clear that the VHA — the Veterans Health Administration — ignores specific directives to provide medical opinions as directed. And this is resulting in unconscionable delays. Let us examine judicial review. Remember, the Court and the Board do not make policy, the Secretary and Congress do. The Court simply identifies error made below by a failure to adhere, in individual cases, to the Constitution, statutes, and regulations which themselves reflect policy — policy freely ignored by many initial adjudicators whose attitude is, “I haven’t been told by my boss to change. If you don’t like it — appeal it.” (Emphasis added)

    The top medically ignorant “boss” is Congress’s confirmed “Secretary” of the DVA.

    AND THE CONGRESS’S “policy freely ignored” UNITED STATES CODE law of the land, Health Care take away from Veterans:

    § 511. Decisions of the Secretary; finality…11—-000-.html

    “(a) The Secretary shall decide all questions of law and fact necessary to a decision by the Secretary under a law that affects the provision of benefits by the Secretary to veterans or the dependents or survivors of veterans. Subject to subsection (b), THE DECISION OF THE SECRETARY AS TO ANY SUCH QUESTION SHALL BE FINAL AND CONCLUSIVE AND MAY NOT BE REVIEWED BY ANY OTHER OFFICIAL OR BY ANY COURT, whether by an action in the nature of mandamus or otherwise.” (Emphasis added)

    THEREFORE, NO COURT REVIEW OF THE MEDICALLY UNTRAINED DVA laymen and “Secretary” “schedule of ratings for disabilities” decisions as proven by:

    § 7252. Jurisdiction; finality of decisions

    “(b) Review in the Court shall be on the record of proceedings before the Secretary and the Board. The extent of the review shall be limited to the scope provided in section 7261 of this title. THE COURT MAY NOT REVIEW THE SCHEDULE OF RATINGS FOR DISABILITIES adopted under section 1155 of this title or any action of the Secretary in adopting or revising that schedule.” (Emphasis added.)

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