Club For Growth announces $250K in ads for Conservative Party candidate

Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate in a special congressional election in New York, is receiving some help from the Club For Growth.  Hoffman has been recognized by many in the mainstream media as just as likely to win his race as his major party competitors, a rare accomplishment for a third party candidate.  The Club For Growth is an advocacy group that works for lower taxes, less regulation, expanding free trade, and smaller government, among other things.

The ads that will be running will be on TV and the radio.  The one on TV is also posted on Youtube:

The Club For Growth previously endorsed Hoffman, and this is apparently the benefit of that endorsement.  H/T to The Thirds.

8 thoughts on “Club For Growth announces $250K in ads for Conservative Party candidate

  1. Ross Levin Post author

    Also a reminder that I don’t have time to post – the first of New Jersey’s three way gubernatorial debates will take place tonight at 8 PM EST on NJN, the state’s public television station.

  2. Kimberly Wilder

    I am almost sure that the Club for Growth does hair implants for men…


    I do think they have a “President”, though, who is also a client.

  3. d.eris

    A number of prominent Red State diarists have endorsed Hoffman (Eric Erickson, for isntance), he’s gotten some good press from Human Events, the Weekly Standard, and has been endorsed by The American Conservative Union and a number of national pro-life organizations.

  4. Peter Gemma

    I’ve met Hoffman and discussed his candidacy with some people in DC – everyone is madder than hell at GOP establishment and that’s the good news. As a candidate, however … well, um, how do I put this? A Kellog’s cereal box might be a bit more charismatic. OK, perhaps I exaggerate — I’ve seen candidates grow leaps and bounds once the are on the trail.

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