Green, Democrat-turned-independent, and Libertarian-turned-Republican face off in Erie, PA

On November 3, the citizens of the 6th city council district will decide who will represent them – a Green, an independent, a Republican, a Democrat, or an incumbent Republican running a write-in campaign.

The Green candidate is Bert Taylor, a construction superintendent who “is interested in the proposed community college.”

The independent is Steven Porter, a college professor and author who ran for Congress in 2006 as a Democrat, then denounced the party and ran a write-in campaign as an independent in 2008 for the same seat.

Porter said county officials should focus on developing wind farms and ethanol plants as alternative energy sources and should push for a high-speed rail line through Erie County.

“These are things we need to do to restore our economy,” Porter said.
“It’s tough to live in an area where businesses are closing and neighbors’ homes are being foreclosed on.”
The Republican that will be on the ballot is really “a Libertarian and only sought the Republican nomination to appear mainstream.”  His name is Ebert G. “Bill” Beeman, and the local newspaper classifies him as an “anti-government” activist.
Beeman’s platform — “reduce spending” — sounds like the party line.
But court records — including those that show Beeman owes more than $2 million to the Internal Revenue Service — and Beeman’s own words reveal him to be an activist who questions government by flouting it.
If elected to office, it appears Beeman does not want to change county government so much as dismantle it.
Beeman, 60, said residents are “coming out of the woodwork” to support him.
“They agree we can’t continue to live beyond our means,” he said.
The party on whose ticket he is running is spending its money to ensure Beeman’s defeat.
Erie County Republican Party Chairman Brad Moore is urging Republicans to support a write-in campaign by incumbent 6th District Councilman David Mitchell, who had planned on retiring from office.
Moore said Beeman admitted in a July meeting with Erie County Republicans that he was a Libertarian and only sought the Republican nomination to appear mainstream.

15 thoughts on “Green, Democrat-turned-independent, and Libertarian-turned-Republican face off in Erie, PA

  1. Richard Winger

    It would be a good idea to put “Erie, Pennsylvania” in the title, because 7 states have towns with a post office called “Erie”, and also Buffalo, New York is in Erie County, New York. So it took me a while to figure out that this is a Pennsylvania story.

  2. Gene Berkman

    A Libertarian running on the Republican ticket is a good strategy because there is a base of voters who identify as Republican that is far larger than the base of Libertarian voters.

    Stressing themes of cutting spending, cutting taxes and reducing government – libertarian views that many Republican voters agree with – is a way to appeal to those Republicans.

    The fact that the local Republican organization opposes Mr Beeman is more evidence that the idea of merging the Libertarian movement into the Republican Party organization is just insane. Take note, RLC activists.

  3. Mik Robertson

    The fact that the local Republican organization does not like Mr. Beeman is more evidence that there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

  4. Jesse Johnson

    Quite the slanders for Mr. Beeman in the local paper. I’m looking forward to more citizens getting involved in shaking up the establishment. This country was going down the wrong road well before Obama, but we sure are picking up steam.

  5. Aroundtheblockafewtimes

    flout: to treat with contempuous disregard.
    Cloud used to refer to this as macho-flashing.
    I guess we need candidates to point out the emperor is naked…as long as the candidate also suggests tasteful new fashions.
    We know the Party cannot be successful if all the voters know is what we are against without knowing what we are for.

  6. Mik Robertson

    I would suggest that suggesting practical new fashions would work as well, although if they are tasteful that is better and if they are beautiful that is best.

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