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Posted at by George Phillies. Reposted to IPR by Paulie. Disclaimer: I’m gathering signatures for Joe Kennedy and helping recruit other petitioners. -p

by George Phillies

Dues-paying National Libertarian Party Member Joe Kennedy is running for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. He’s running in our January 19 special election to replace the late Senator Edward Kennedy. You can count on national media attention.

Take a look at Joe’s web site. Read his stands on issues like the war on Iraq, Afghanistan, marijuana, gun control, welfare, and education. Time after time, you’re going to read sensible libertarian ideas presented effectively to a wide audience.

Joe is a real libertarian, running on our sound libertarian ideas. That’s why the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts endorsed him: Joe is a real Libertarian. That’s why the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts put $1000 of our treasury into his campaign: Joe is a real Libertarian.

Joe Kennedy writes of his politics:

“In College, I would have considered myself a Democrat. I would not have considered myself active in politics at the time, however, I did work on Tom Harkin’s run for presidency by collecting signatures for him in New Hampshire.

“At different points in my life I have been registered as both a Democrat and as an Independent. Over the past 5 years I have become more and more concerned about spending in Washington and taxation in general. The extensive spending on Wars, Bailouts and Social Programs in both the current and previous administrations have expanded the deficit at speeds we have never before witnessed. These costs will have to be paid by us in the short term through tax increases, or by our children. These concerns have pushed me more and more to a Libertarian way of thinking.”

Libertarians are all too familiar with corrupt ballot access practices shutting our candidates away from the ballot. Massachusetts is no different. When I heard that we were having a special election, my reaction was: This year, we have major party status. We don’t have a candidate who can front the $60,000 or more we will need to get onto the ballot on the Libertarian Party line.

For once, we lucked out.

On August 5, Joe was registered as an independent. That meant the he could petition for ballot access under our minor party rules. Instead of $60,000, his campaign can reach ballot access for perhaps $15,000. If Joe can raise the money, and he is almost half way there, we will have a real Libertarian on the ballot speaking up for libertarian issues, speaking up when his is the only election the press can cover.

Then we lucked out again.

Like any honest man, Joe is running under his own name. He happens to have been born with a fine Irish name, a name that many Massachusetts voters will find comfortable rather than unfamiliar. In Massachusetts politics, that’s a real plus, the sort of thing that will help voters hear his ideas and decide this is a man they can trust.

Libertarians across America have a choice: You can support a real libertarian. Or you can close your checkbook, skip donating through PayPal, and wonder why there’s no libertarian in the race. If you want another political campaign in which the voice of liberty remains silent, you have but to do nothing. If you want a political campaign in which the silver song of freedom rings gloriously from coast to coast, go to and give generously. (I already have!)

George Phillies is a contributing editor for Liberty For All. You can contact Dr. Phillies at

16 thoughts on “Meet Joe Kennedy

  1. Aroundtheblockafewtimes

    With his name, that about guarantees that more citizens will give him a look-see than if his name was Mortimer Mause running on the Libertarian ticket. So it is more important than ever that Mr. Kennedy use the word “libertarian” (small -l) to describe his views to every reporter and every group he speaks to. Will he pledge to do that? And will he pledge to turn over the list of his contributors to the Mass. LP right after the election (if not before)?

  2. Solomon Drek

    Joe Kennedy? For the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat? Come on. How sleazy can you get?

    It’s not only disrespectful to the Kennedy family, but former Congressman Joe Kennedy in particular.

    BTW, I see he admits he did not become a Libertarian until recently. I wonder why, besides the usual rightwing mantra about “big spending and deficits”. He sounds more like just another Bob Barr/Wayne Root opportunist taking advantage of his real name.

    “In Massachusetts politics, that’s a real plus, the sort of thing that will help voters hear his ideas and decide this is a man they can trust.”

    That’s baloney. I’ve seen this sort of thing before. He’ll get alot of votes but that’s only because most of them will walk into the voting booth, recognize the name and cast their vote accordingly.

    If the LP can’t sell their ideas on their own merits, and have to resort to cheap tricks to draw attention to themselves, then maybe their ideas aren’t worth peddling.

    I suppose the ends justify the means. But not in this case.

    I’m not a libertarian, but I used to have some respect for their ideas even if I didn’t agree with them. Note the past tense.

  3. HumbleTravis

    Anybody who dislikes the libertarian Joe Kennedy campaigning because of his last name should probably also have a problem with persons in the Democratic Kennedy family winning because of their last name.

  4. Solomon Drek

    “Anybody who dislikes the libertarian Joe Kennedy campaigning because of his last name should probably also have a problem with persons in the Democratic Kennedy family winning because of their last name.”

    I do have a problem with Kennedys using their money and fame to take advantage of their opponents. And I have a bigger problem with sleazy nebbishes who take advantage of the fact that most voters will confuse their real name with someone else.

    Of course he could change his name for ballot purposes so as not to confuse voters with his real name. If his real name was Adolf Hitler I’m sure he would have it changed.

    I might have a smidgeon of respect for the guy if he had been a long-time libertarian activist who had run for public office in the past as a Libertarian candidate. By his own admission he only recently joined the Libertarian Party, which makes me even more suspicious as to his real motive.

    BTW, whatever happened to Carla Howell? She ran for governor a few years ago and seemed to be a credible candidate. Did she go the way of all the others?

  5. libertariangirl


    Wayne Allen Roots book hits the #6 spot for political books on Amazon.
    congratulations Wayne!
    still kicking ass I see:)

  6. Solomon Drek

    “How can anyone really do anything to disrespect a family of sleezeballs?”

    As individuals I don’t consider the Kennedys to be “sleezeballs” any more than some Libertarian politicians I’ve encountered over the years. In fact, judging from some of the inflammatory posts I’ve come across on this website concerning Libertarian leaders and activists, I’m inclined to favor the Kennedys, including the “real” (former congressman) Joe Kennedy.

  7. paulie

    Hi folks, sorry, no time to read all the comments.

    You can help in at least three ways:

    1. Donate


    Committee to Elect Joe Kennedy to Senate
    P.O. Box 368
    Needham Heights, MA 02494-0003

    2. fundraise

    25% commission on any money you can raise by phone, email, web ads, or any other methods. Call me at 415-690-6352 for details. Unfortunately I have very little time for/access to internet right now, it’s a lot easier by phone.

    3. Gather ballot access signatures

    Currently at $1/signature paid by check on delivery. The price may go up if the fundraising does well, but right now Joe is just trying to recoup the money he borrowed against his house for the bare minimum of signatures. I’m up here getting him signatures now, and we need more petitioners.

    Oh yeah….you can also help with publicity by spreading as widely as possible.

  8. Ralph Swanson

    JFK was on the advisory board of what is today LIO.

    We worked closely with Ted Kennedy on deregulation.

    We’re happy to see other Kennedys are interested, here and Ireland.

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