In Pennsylvania, several write-in candidates beat out candidates on the ballot

Hat tip to Ballot Access News for the story.

(excerpt from) The York Daily Record
Write-ins beat candidates on ballot in some towns

In Franklintown, the mayor ran a write-in campaign and won with just one vote.
By Teresa Ann Boeckel

In a few races around York County, write-in winners edged out candidates on the ballot during the Nov. 3 election.

In Franklintown, Mayor James Adams won with 52 write-ins, beating Republican Dennis Palmer by one vote…In Yoe, tax collector Connie Crull won as a write-in, garnering 112 votes to Joan Schall’s 20…

…Voters cast more than 11,000 write-ins during the Nov. 3 election.

Here are some serious and not-so-serious write-ins for several races:

Court of Common Pleas Judge: Andrea Marceca Strong, Michael Flannelly, Bruce Blocher, John Ogden, Susan Emmons, None of the above and John Wayne.

District attorney: Stan Rebert, Edward Paskey, Anybody but Tom, Bill Graff, Charlie Robertson, Santa Claus and Christy Fawcett.

Dover Area School District: Holy Ghost, God, and The Messiah.

Central York School District: Michelle Obama, No more tax increases and Cut taxes

Hallam borough council: Buck, my cat; Ella, my cat; Ginger, my cat.

11 thoughts on “In Pennsylvania, several write-in candidates beat out candidates on the ballot

  1. Mik Robertson

    The Dover Area School District votes are telling due to the court ruling against intelligent design a few years back.

    I recall seeing some write-in votes from my county not long ago where Mickey Mouse got three votes, although all were spelled differently. None of them were reported, of course.

  2. Ross Levin

    Back in November, someone wrote in Charlie Emanuel (the Phillies’ manager) at a precinct near me and there were a bunch of writeins for Hillary and Ron Paul.

  3. Kimberly Wilder

    When I have done recanvassing/recounting in Suffolk County (several years ago) I actually saw things like: “Peace” “Capitalism Sucks” etc.

    The one that got “us” coverage in the newspaper (of course, not with our names or associations) was when our friend Wendy wrote in “Minnie The Cat” the same year that Giuliani was a write-in. So, Minnie got in the daily newspaper in a story about Giuliani and other write-ins.

  4. Mik Robertson

    Quite often, write-in votes do not get reported or counted in Pennsylvania. That makes it difficult when you do not have statewide ballot access to gauge support of write-in candidates.

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