National Green Party’s Black Friday pitch

This is an excerpt from a mailing sent to Green Party donors:

This Black Friday, Plan to Buy Green

Thinking about going out today to buy that discounted big-screen TV, DVD player, or brand-new sandwich maker?  Before you rush out and buy, try taking the day off, staying at home, and thinking about what you really want to promote this holiday season with your hard-earned money.  We hope you’ll pick your Green Party – not Wal-Mart’s quarterly earnings – by planning to give your family and friends some Green Party merchandise…

We hope you will think about what you spend this year – perhaps shop at thrift stores or flea (or even “free”) markets.  Instead of buying new goods, think about making donations or providing services.  Instead of buying gifts, look for crafts and other hand-made objects, or make your own gifts for your friends.  Many people are refraining from buying anything today as a protest again constant advertisements and consumer culture.  The Green Party supports these efforts.  We hope, however, if you decide to buy something new for your friends and family, you will consider buying them some Green Party goods.  Here are a couple of reasons we think this is a good choice:

Green Party goods support a good cause. The Green Party and its candidates work throughout the year to represent Green Party values on City Councils, in your local newspaper, and to our representatives in Congress.  Purchases from our store directly fund the Green Party’s efforts.

Green Party goods are made in the USA. We support American workers so they can grow strong and take on the corporate management that threatens their wages, communities, and livelihoods.

Green Party goods are all union-made. When Americans are allowed to organize themselves at work, in their communities, and at the ballot box, we are all better off.

Your Green Party sweatshirts, t-shirts, buttons, water bottles, and tote bags all promote your political party and your candidates. Whenever you or your friends take them out of the house, everyone sees who are supporting and learns more about their political options…

6 thoughts on “National Green Party’s Black Friday pitch

  1. Robert Milnes

    Cute. Petit-bourgeoise Birkenstock puke Greens lecturing the few poor they manage to reach on how/where to shop. I already go to sales & thrift stores etc. I shop in the local blue collar town whenever possible. They have a subsidized sales tax rate-3% as opposed to 7% statewide. I repair & reuse & recycle whenever possible. I trashpick too. In fact recently I had my winter jacket & backpack stolen. Both were trashpicked! I for one am not going to be made to feel guilty about shopping at Walmart along with a number of other poor and budget concious. I know about their bad cooporate policies. But not everything in Walmart is made in China. If you really want to do something about American consumerism & Walmart, start a revolution.

  2. Ross Levin

    I participated in Buy Nothing Day. All I bought today was some food. And I try to buy local and independent as much as possible, and limit my consumption every other day of the year, as well.

  3. Kimberly Wilder

    Dear Trent,

    As a teacher, when someone has a very strong reaction to something, I usually think it is because it touched a nerve, made them think, is an area they may be ready to change in…

    And, anyway, my aunt in PA bought two big screen tv’s from Walmart. So, guess your action wasn’t so original.

  4. Ron

    Given that my family only had 13 dollars to last us til Tuesday, it was very easy to “Buy Nothing” on Black Friday. We saved the money to buy milk and eggs on Saturday.

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