Former Green VP candidate charged with misdemeanor in traffic case

From the Wadena Pioneer Journal:

WADENA — Two-time vice presidential candidate and Native American activist Winona LaDuke was a wanted woman this week in Wadena County.

According to Wadena County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Bill Cross, LaDuke’s Ford pickup was pulled over on U.S. Highway 71 on Nov. 21, and she was cited for not having a current insurance card in her vehicle.

“She failed to make a court appearance or pay her fine,” Cross said, leading the judge to issue a bench warrant for her arrest.

The charge is a misdemeanor, and after adding a warrant fee, she owed $325 bail to Wadena County, if she chose to plead guilty.

5 thoughts on “Former Green VP candidate charged with misdemeanor in traffic case

  1. Rev. James W. Clifton

    Another typical politician who thinks she is above the law. So much for third party politics being “clean and green.” Oh yea, she is green, she kept the green. Ha!

  2. Kimberly Wilder

    Tried to bite my tongue on the story.

    But, with the comment, grrrrr….

    I am not even an enrolled Green anymore. But, I have to say…

    A. No one ever points out that Winona LaDuke is a former Green Party candidate when she presents a lecture or does something good. They only mention it when it is something bad. (similarly to Nobel Prize Winner and Green Party hero Wangari Maathai.)

    B. If I recall, Winona LaDuke is one of those folks who lives on the edge of poverty. It could very well be that she did not have the money to face what she was facing. Not all third party candidates are well off – like all or most major party candidates.

    That’s my two cents.

    Now, Rev. Clifton…ever got a traffic ticket???? Have you always had up to date insurance, registration, and inspections on your vehicles?????

  3. wolfefan

    Before someone who uses the title “reverend” writes a sentence like the “typical politician” one above, s/he should probably re-read the verse on checking the mote in his/her own eye.

  4. Indigenuity Rules

    The good ol’ boy cops up north are at it again. If the option of paying the fine online was available (hello, it is the year 2010 people), this would not have been an issue.

    And wow, another pious “reverend” appears out of nowhere. Take your fake degrees and go back to reviewing Norah Jones CDs and handbooks you loser.

  5. Steve Kramer

    Actually, this happened to me once. The insurance company had cancelled my insurance that same day…and I was unlucky enough to get brought right in for a headlight out or some such. I did take it to court, represented myself, and got the penalties reduced substantially. (The State really didn’t present that organized of a case.)

    I’d have to say this isn’t too big of a deal, and certainly not anything related to Ms. LaDuke’s valuable activism.

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