Ill. candidates for governor on medical marijuana

The Chicago Tribune has carried a series of pieces by the Associated Press that focus on gubernatorial candidates’ positions on important issues.  They also put Green Rich Whitney’s views on the same level as those of Democrats and Republicans.  The focus of this one is medical marijuana.  Whitney’s relatively radical views on this have gained him some press.


– Rich Whitney: “I support legalization of marijuana, period.”

6 thoughts on “Ill. candidates for governor on medical marijuana

  1. Kimberly Wilder

    LOL! Were you trying to make it sound like Rich himself was “on marijuana”? That is what I thought from the headline. But, don’t think that is the case from the full story…


  2. Todd

    The Majority of Americans believe Marijuana should be legalized according to both the latest Zogby and Angus Reid polls by 52% and 53%. What is radical is the Media referring to a man who does not wish to prosecute individuals against the will of the Majority in a democracy a radical.

  3. Austin Battenberg

    I wish more candidates shared this posisition. We need some honest dialogue on marijuana in this country.

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