Will Georgia elect its first Black, Libertarian Governor?

Ian Bridgeforth, in The Examiner:

With 2010 right around the corner (literally), it is expected that all the talking heads and pundits will be zeroing in on the elections next fall. The cable networks will be buzzing about whether Republicans or Democrats will be the dominant party come November 2010. But this time, they might be missing the mark on this one.

Focusing on the 2010 race for Governor here in Georgia, there could very possibly be a party change. No, not from Republican to Democrat, but from Republican to Libertarian.

John Monds, an African-American Libertarian, is arguably the biggest rising star in the Libertarian party right now. In the 2008 race for Public Service Commission, District 1, Monds collected over one million votes, the highest amount of votes for a Libertarian candidate, not just in Georgia, but in the history of the United States.

Ultimately, Monds lost, but there is something to note here. In the race, he was facing not a Democratic candidate, but a candidate from the GOP. If there are over one million people who are so turned off by the current state of the Republican Party, then whoever wins the GOP primary for governor next year should be a little worried.

Because if they run a mediocre, typical, Democrat-Republican back and forth bickering style campaign, Monds could really steal the show.

Conservatives have been saying for a while that there needs to be a new party in control and Monds might be the guy to lead that charge.

What proves even more interesting is that Monds could not only steal votes from the Republican Party, but he could also get Democratic votes by chipping off the heavily Democratic African-American vote. He already has the backing of various NAACP chapters as well as his own black fraternity, Omega Psi Phi.

It might be a long shot, but Monds could prove to be upset that no one has foreseeing. Much of Georgia is tired of both parties, Republican and Democrat, and Monds just might be the answer that they were looking for.

25 thoughts on “Will Georgia elect its first Black, Libertarian Governor?

  1. paulie Post author

    That would be true as well, but I didn’t feel like changing the title of the original piece. I might later though if I get a lot more heat for it from a bunch of people 🙂

  2. Melty

    What Adrian sed.

    How are Monds chances of getting enough media exposure for this describing his complexion to be too much stating the obvious? Oh, but I’m forgetting, that’s one of those obvious things that must always be stated . . . and with the most atrocious of bipartisan euphemisms – “African-American”. . . I declare “African-American” a racist term.
    Now that I’m through ranting, go Monds! Emulate his approach in high-Repub states.

  3. Ross Levin

    I’m really, really interested in this race. First – a credible Libertarian candidate for governor is rare. Second – a credible black Libertarian candidate (for any office) is doubly rare. Even though I tend to hate identity politics, this is interesting and there is a lot of times an advantage for blacks or Jews or whatever to be represented by a black or a Jew or whatever (granted, that’s a gross generalization and simplification). And there are so many other interesting aspects to this election – the NAACP endorsements, the possibilities of tea partiers getting involved, and on.

  4. Richard Winger

    Not only has Georgia never had a black governor, there has never been a black candidate on the general election ballot for Governor of Georgia. I am thrilled that Monds is running. He carried several counties in 2008, including Fulton County, which is the most populous county in Georgia.

  5. Trent Hill

    He won’t score those sorts of votes this time. I’d look for a decent showing, though, maybe…3-4%.

  6. Melty

    Maybe change the title to “Will Georgia Elect Its First Black Governor?”

    Why do you predict a poorer showing, Trent? . . . will it be the three-way effect?

  7. paulie Post author

    I updated the title with a comma. Hopefully that clarifies it.

    Predictionwise, while Trent’s prediction is a safer bet for a three way race, this one does have breakout potential.

  8. Ralph Swanson

    I believe Bumper Hornberger has a record of some 7% in a Governor’s race in VA, with a lot of retail campaigning. He practically lived in mall parking lots, I hear.

  9. Gene Berkman

    Ralph @ #17 – Jacob Hornberger received a big vote when he ran as an Independent for Senator from Virginia, not Governor. Impressive nonetheless.

  10. Rachel H

    “that Monds could not only steal votes from the Republican Party”

    NO ONE STEALS VOTES! My vote belongs to me, and yours belongs to you. None of them belong to ANY party.

    Candidates, and parties, must EARN them!

    Peace. :o)

  11. Doug Craig

    Hey Guys Monds could do very well here. He should bein all the major debates. We have been in the debates the last 8 years or so. Our last candidate I belive he had one of the highest vote % for the Libertarian party for that year for gov. He is raising more money then our last candidate(my friend Garret Hayes) We have keep around alot of the people who have been working on campaigns the last 5-8 years so that will help alot. He is also a home schooler:)

  12. 'Shame on the Examiner' [Lake]

    and ‘reporter’ Ian Bridgeforth (or may be his copy editor) ……….

    ‘Monds could really STEAL the show ……… more interesting (ly) is that Monds could not only STEAL votes from the Republican Party ………..’ (emphasis Don Lake)

    Why does don lake gripe and moan and groan so much on little details?

    read between the lines, read between the lines!

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